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Environmental Archaeology of the Peckforton Hills (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James Schoenwetter.

Report of a project integrating magnetic minerals analysis and pollen studies of two Cheshire meres. Landuse reconstructions for the Peckforton Hills district from the third millenium B.C to the 18th century A.D. explain the apparant lack of archaeological remains of populations related to the Bronze and Iron Age occupations of Beeston Castle and Maiden Castle hillforts. 35 p. Research results summarized in Schoenwetter, J., 1982, "Environmental Archaeology of the Peckforton Hills," "Cheshire...

James Schoenwetter Pollen Research Papers
PROJECT Uploaded by: Mary Whelan

James Schoenwetter (Ph.D. Southern Illinois 1967) was a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University. His research interests included prehistoric cultural ecology, applications of pollen analysis in archaeology and research methodology. Before his retirement in 2000 he directed the ASU Anthropology Department’s palynology lab. Pollen research by Schoenwetter and his students involved a variety of sites in Mesoamerica, North America and Europe. He directed archaeological and botanical...

The Scientific Basis for the Reconstruction of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Houses (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Peter J Reynolds.

The purpose of this paper was to explore the scientific basis of building reconstruction of prehistoric and protohistoric houses. The critical issue was to address the problems of reconstruction in order to specify limits within which the reconstruction is of research/ educational value and to set standards which may act as guidelines. Case studies referenced include Maiden Castle House, the Balksbury House, the Conderton House, Stake Houses, the Pimperne House, Romano-British Grain driers,...