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James Schoenwetter (Ph.D. Southern Illinois 1967) was a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University. His research interests included prehistoric cultural ecology, applications of pollen analysis in archaeology and research methodology. Before his retirement in 2000 he directed the ASU Anthropology Department’s palynology lab. Pollen research by Schoenwetter and his students involved a variety of sites in Mesoamerica, North America and Europe. He directed archaeological and botanical fieldwork in the Midwestern and Southwestern United States, California, Oaxaca, Zacatecas, Jalisco, England and France. Dr. Schoenwetter described this document collection as follows: "This collection of my unpublished professional writings has not been edited or changed from the form in which they were written between 1958 and 2004. Hopefully, the palynological and archaeological information they contain, and the concepts and methods presented in this collection of documents, will prove useful to others researching similar problems and situations. Readers should be warned, however, that these writings have not been subject to professional peer review. Therefore, they should not be recognized as contributions to proper scientific literature."

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  1. Additional Pollen Studies in Mammoth Cave National Park (2006)
  2. Llano Grande Project (2004)
  3. Rethinking Bethsaida (2000)
  4. Archaeological Palynology at AZ 2282: The Pilot Study (1999)
  5. Implications of Archaeological Palynology at Bethsaida, Israel (1999)
  6. Makapansgat and Buffalo Cave Palynology: A Brief Assessment of Studies During Spring, 1999 (1999)
  7. Palynology and Landuse Reconstruction at Tatton Park, Cheshire (1999)
  8. Windwalker Tours - Manual for Archaeological Ecotourism (1999)
  9. Arizona Archaeological Society Lectures: Paleoindian and Archaic Traditions of the Southwest (modified 2001) (1998)
  10. Correspondence Analysis in Archaeological Pollen Analysis (1997)
  11. Archaeological Palynology and Correspondence Analysis: A Case Study (1996)
  12. Alternative Approaches to Pollen Analysis at Two Midlands Sites (1995)
  13. Review and Assessment of the Palynological Evidence for Prehistoric Woodland Maize (1994)
  14. Notes on Hinckson Site Palynology (1992)
  15. Pioneer Memorial Park Palynology (1992)
  16. Hinckson Site Palynology (1990)
  17. Pilot Pollen Study at Acoma Pueblo (1990)
  18. CA-RIV-3508-H Palynology (1989)
  19. The Track Site Pollen Study (1989)
  20. Palynological Study of Sediment Samples from La Planta, Puerto Rico (1988)
  21. Preliminary Report on the Annecy Project, 1984-1986. (1988)
  22. Context Evaluation Report: Pollen Studies (1987)
  23. An Archaeological Pollen Study of Check Dam Samples at Grand Canyon National Park (1986)
  24. Environmental Archaeology of the Peckforton Hills (1983)
  25. Anthropology, Geography and Environment (1982)
  26. Pollen Records of the Walhalla Glades Survey (1982)
  27. Upland Mesolithic Britain: A Systemic Perspective (1982)
  28. An Archaeological Pollen Analysis of Joe’s Valley Alcove (1981)
  29. The Archaic Maize Pollen of Koster An Essay on Canons of Evidence (1981)
  30. Palynological Study of the Slusher Estate (1981)
  31. The Slusher Estate Historical Park: Palynological Project (1981)
  32. The Los Hornos Pollen Study (1980)
  33. Palynological Test of AZ U:16:6 (ASU) (1980)
  34. A Pollen Study of the Abiquiu Reservoir (1979)
  35. Palynological Chronology and Antiquity Estimation at Chavez Pass Ruin (1978)
  36. Pollen Analysis of the Helms Project (1978)
  37. Report on the Palynology of Two Hohokam Sites (1978)
  38. The Stratigraphy of Chavez Pass Ruins (1978)
  39. Surface and Archaeological Sediment Pollen Studies in the Mammoth Cave National Park Study Area: A Methodological and Interpretive Report (1978)
  40. Archaeological Pollen Study of AR4 (1977)
  41. Pollen Investigations of the Inundation Studies Program (1977)
  42. The Seneca Lake Pollen Study: Preliminary Report (1977)
  43. Apache-Sitgreaves Palynology (1976)
  44. The Application of Palynology to Archaeology, Limitations and Practical Suggestions (1976)
  45. Archaeological Pollen Study of Two Dune Sites in New Mexico (1976)
  46. Pollen Analysis at 4-MAD-223 (1976)
  47. Pollen Records from AZ:U:1:30 and U:1:31: An Assessment (1976)
  48. Pollen Studies in the Marble Canyon Area, Arizona (1976)
  49. A Proposal for Interdisciplinary Investigations in North Central Sonora (1976)
  50. Archaeological Pollen Analysis of Copan Reservoir Sediment Samples (1975)
  51. Investigations at the Bog Hole Locality (1975)
  52. Preliminary Pollen Studies Near Payson (1975)
  53. Palynological Investigations of Cache River Project Sediment Samples (1974)
  54. Palynological Records of Joe's Valley Alcove: a Multicomponent Site in Southeastern Utah (1974)
  55. Principal Results of Palynological Studies at Koster: Summary Statement (1974)
  56. Clearance Archaeology at Williams AFB: An Evaluative Report (1973)
  57. Pollen Analysis of Sediments from Salts Cave, Kentucky (1973)
  58. Pollen Studies at Wide Reed Ruin (1973)
  59. Test Excavations at AZ U:10:24 (ASU), Williams A.F.B, Arizona (1973)
  60. Pollen Analysis of Sediments From 4-ORA-64 (1972)
  61. Pollen From the East Rim Site, SBCM 1803, California (1972)
  62. The American Bottoms Pollen Chronology (1971)
  63. Palynological Research Related to the Oaxaca Project (1971)
  64. Palynology of the Koster Site: First Report (1971)
  65. The Anasazi Origins Project (1970)
  66. Palynological Dating of AZ U:9:100 (1970)
  67. Phytogeography as a Survey Technique in Wisconsin (1969)
  68. Pollen Study of Arizona N:4:6 (1969)
  69. Report on Pollen Samples from the Deh Luran Plain (1969)
  70. Botany and the Archaeologist: A Critical Assessment (1968)
  71. Pollen Studies of the Oaxacan Archaic: Preliminary Statement (1968)
  72. Environment of the Valley of Oaxaca, Past and Present (1967)
  73. Pollen Analysis of Quaternary Sediments, Particularly in the Southwest (1967)
  74. Pollen Analysis of Sediment Samples from the Largo-Blanco Sites (1967)
  75. Pollen Studies in Southern Illinois (1967)
  76. Pollen Studies in Taos County: Preliminary Report (1967)
  77. Preliminary Palynological Investigations on West Mesa (1967)
  78. Report on Palynological Investigations (Hopi Buttes area) (1967)
  79. Archaeological Pollen Analyses from North-central Wisconsin (1966)
  80. Palynological Investigations of Archeological Sediments from the New Hebrides: Preliminary Report (1966)
  81. Pollen Studies in the Apple Creek Area (1966)
  82. Pollen Analysis at Arizona 1:15:18 (1965)
  83. Pollen Analysis of Sediments from Northeastern Colorado: Preliminary Report (1965)
  84. Pollen Statistics from Pratt Cave: Preliminary Report (1965)
  85. Pollen Statistics from the Galisteo Basin (1965)
  86. Pollen Studies at Picuris Pueblo: Preliminary Report (1965)
  87. Pollen Studies at Reeve Ruin and the Davis Ranch Site: Preliminary Report (1965)
  88. Pollen Studies at the Sapawe Site: Preliminary Report (1965)
  89. Preliminary Palynological Investigations on the Archaic Horizon (Arroyo Cuervo) (1965)
  90. Palynological Analysis of the Tohatchi-Crownpoint Project: Preliminary Report (1964)
  91. Pollen Analysis of Cochiti Project Materials: Preliminary Report (1964)
  92. Pollen Analysis, Site LA9152: Preliminary Report (1964)
  93. Site 222+50: Palynological Analysis (1964)
  94. Utah W:5:50: Palynological Analysis (1964)
  95. A Look at Paleoecological Inquiry in Archaeology (1963)
  96. On the Ecology of the Valley of La Quemada (1963)
  97. Durango-Zacatecas Palynology: A Note on Research (1962)
  98. A Late-Postglacial Pollen Chronology From the Central Mississippi Valley (1962)
  99. Specialized Problems of Archaeological Pollen Studies (1962)
  100. A Student's Dillema (1962)