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Faunal Analysis from the 2005 Excavation at Aðalstræti Nr. 10 in Reykjavík, Iceland (lab report) (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ramona Harrison. Marjorie Gorsline. Megan Hicks. Elise Alexander. Frank Feeley. Slobodan Mitrovic.

In 2005, Archaeological excavations at the site of Aðalstræti in downtown Reykjavík were carried out under direction of Mjöll Snæsdóttir and Howell M. Roberts from the Archaeological Institute of Iceland (FSÍ). Reason for these archaeological activities was a planned rebuilding and reparation of the house at Aðalstræti 10, whose building date falls into the latter half of the 18 th Century (Snæsdóttir, 2005 – English translation). Phase one of the investigations involved a series...

North Atlantic Biocultural Organization (NABO)
PROJECT CUNY Northern Science and Education Center. Thomas McGovern.

This project file contains NABO publications. NABO was founded over 20 years ago to attempt to cross-cut national and disciplinary boundaries and to help North Atlantic scholars make the most of the immense research potential of our damp and lovely research area. NABO has worked to aid in improving basic data comparability, in assisting practical fieldwork and interdisciplinary ventures, in promoting student training, and in better communicating our findings to other scholars, funding...