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Cultural Resource Management Survey, 1995-96 Highway Program, Archaeological Reconnaissance, PIN 6066.41.101, Route 17, Town of Ashland, Chemung County, New York (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Diana Loren. Christopher Hohman. David Moyer.

Background research including an evaluation of the geology and environment, a walkover of the project area, prehistoric site files check and an evaluation of the sensitivity of prehistoric sites. The historical background research included a site files check and a summary of the history of the PIN 6066.41.101 project area. Field investigations included descriptions of: The Ashland Site, The Bosworth Site, The Lamb Site, The Lowman Distillery Site, The Railroad Site, The Baldwin Creek Site,...

PIN 6066.41.101
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This project consists of two reports under Project 6066.41.101. Kastl 1996 presents the findings of the architectural reconnaissance for PIN 6066.41.101, which is located on NY Route 17 and County Roads 8 and 60 in the Town of Ashland in Chemung County, and Loren et al. 1996 present historical, and prehistoric background research of the project area, along with field investigations.