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Archaeology Survey Phase II (1979)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow. Karen McCann.

This is the final report of the archaeology survey, phase II for the Lake George sites, which mentions the Galick site.

Galick Site
PROJECT University at Albany.

The Galick site was part of the Lake George project. The site was chosen for testing, because the Galick family had secured a large number of artifacts from portions of their farm lying near the narrow southern end of Lake Champlain. However, their collection came from a very large area and test pits on the property revealed no heavy artifact concentrations.

Galick Site Catalog (1979)
DATASET Uploaded by: Amanda Sacks

This is an inventory of the artifacts collected from the Galick site.

Galick Site Catalog Guide (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow. Robert A. Ely.

This is a guide to the Galick site.