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Archaeological Clearance Investigations: Salt River Project Coronado Generating Station Concho Well Field, Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Final Report for Avoidance and Mitigation Program; Two Production and Observation Well Sites, and Associated Access Right-of-Way Within the Concho Well Field (1976)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John R. Stein.

On March 16 and 24, 1976, the Museum of Northern Arizona, at the request of the Salt River Project, conducted a clearance oriented survey of archaeological resources to be affected by the proposed construction of well sites and access roads within the Concho Well Field. Of specific concern at this time were the proposed well sites designated as production and observation well C-18, production and observation well C-24, and approximately two miles of access right-of-way connecting the well sites...

Archaeological Clearance Investigations: Salt River Project, Coronado Generating Station, Concho Well Field, Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Final Report for C24-C18 Collector Pipeline Clearance Survey (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald R. Keller.

The Concho Wellfield C24-C18 collector pipeline alignment was surveyed for cultural resources in November and December, 1976 by the Museum of Northern Arizona archaeological staff. No previously unrecorded sites were found. Archaeological clearance for the pipeline alignment is recommended.

Archaeological Investigations, Salt River Project, Coronado Generating Station Project, State, Federal and Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Archaeological Data for Coronado Generating Station Plant Site, Access Road, Ash Disposal, Wellfields, and Pipeline for Federal Environmental Impact Statement (1975)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James E. Bradford.

Acting as an archaeological consultant under contract with Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona, Department of Anthropology, has prepared and submitted this report as part of the total input to the Federal Environmental Statement for the Coronado Generating Station Project. Information contained in this report is based primarily on Museum investigations conducted in 1974-75 during various phases of the Coronado Generating Station Project while under contract with both the Bechtel...

Bechtel Power Corporation 1978 Arizona Station Plant Site Study, Salt River Project, State and Private Lands, Apache and Navajo Counties, Arizona: Final Report for Phase I: Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Research (1974)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard V. Ahlstrom. James E. Bradford.

The initial Phase I investigation for the Salt River Project 1978 Power Plant Study has been completed. This report presents that data which was collected during library research and actual field reconnaissance and is intended to offer a background on the archaeological and ethno-historical resource base of the two proposed areas being considered for plant site and wellfield location. A discussion of the possible impacts with alternatives to these is also included. The report includes...