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Carlin Site (11C119), Calhoun Co, IL Screen Fauna (1974)
DATASET Bonnie Styles. Mona Colburn.

Screened faunal remains from features at the Carlin Site, Calhoun County, Illinois

Newbridge Site and Carlin Site Fauna Card Images (1975)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bonnie Styles.

See coding key for column assignments. Original card Images: 18835 lines. There are three errors corrected in the excel sheet that are uncorrected here. Lines in Excel sheet are 1 higher Line 925 class 11 changed to 1 Line 4530 several columns near the end of the record transposed. Line 7057 class 22 changed to 2

Newbridge Site and Carlin Site Projects
PROJECT Uploaded by: Keith Kintigh

The Newbridge Site in Greene County, IL and the Carlin Site, in Calhoun County, are early Late Woodland sites in the lower Illinois River valley of west-central Illinois. Bonnie Styles undertook the faunal analysis of these sites as a part of her PhD dissertation.