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The 1996 Archeological Survey at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Robert K. Nickel.

During August 1996, the author and a crew of three archeologists from the Midwest Archeological Center conducted an archeological survey of approximately 1,200 acres within the boundaries of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument. The survey focused on fee-owned land north of the Niobrara River. In this area, the crew located five new sites and revisited several previously recorded sites. The crew also recorded 11 isolated stone tools north of the Niobrara River and buried soils containing animal...

An Archeological Overview and Assessment of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Sioux County, Nebraska (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John R. Bozell.

This document provides an archeological overview and assessment of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument in Sioux County, Nebraska. The study was completed under the terms of a purchase order and scope-of-work issued by the Midwest Archeological Center, National Park Service in Lincoln, Nebraska. Archeological investigations began at the park in the 1960s and have continued through the present. All fee title land within the park has been examined on at least one occasion by professional...