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The Lower Verde Archaeological Project
PROJECT Jeffrey A. Homburg. Richard Ciolek-Torello. Jeffrey Altschul. Stephanie M. Whittlesey. Steven D. Shelley. USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office.

The Lower Verde Archaeological Project (LVAP) was a four-year data recovery project conducted by Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI) in the lower Verde River region of central Arizona. The project was designed to mitigate any adverse effects to cultural resources from modifications to Horseshoe and Bartlett Dams. The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona Project’s Office sponsored the research program in compliance with historic preservation legislation. The LVAP’s...

Vanishing River Appendices (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text WIlliam L. Deaver. Barbara A. Murphy. Douglas M. Pease. Jeffrey A. Homburg. Keith B. Knoblock. Karen R. Adams. Steven Bozarth. Kellie M. Cairns. Steven D. Shelley. Barbara K.. Montgomery. Robert A. Heckman. Ronald H. Towner. Alex V. Benitez. Margaret Newman. Linda Scott Cummings. Kathryn Puseman. Richard Hughes. Arthur W. Vokes. Carla R. Van West.

The Vanishing Rivers Appendices document contains all of the LVAP Vanishing River appendices. First, it presents a table of contents list of all appendices and referenced figures and tables. The document then provides each of the appendices associated with Vanishing River Volumes 1 - 3 (the pdf electronic volumes) and those associated with Vanishing River Volume 4 (the companion book).

Vanishing River List of Figures, Plates, Vessels and Figures (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: M Scott Thompson

The Vanishing River List of Figures, Plates, Vessels, and Tables contains a table-of-contents style list for all figures, photos, and tables referenced in the Vanishing River volumes.

Vanishing River Volume 1: Part 2, Other Pre-Classic Sites in the LVAP Study Area: Chapters 5 - 6 (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text WIlliam L. Deaver. Robert B. Neily. Robert P. Jones. Steven D. Shelley.

Volume 1, Part 2 summarizes archaeological data recovery and results of work at four sites (CTC, Two Farms, Middendrum, and Dam View) located in area south of Bartlett Dam along the lower Verde River. Originally, the research plan outlined a testing program for a sample of seven sites in the area. Flooding and associated erosion along the Verde River during the field season made it almost impossible to support excavation crews at the small sites situated on narrow remnants of terraces on the...

Vanishing River: Attached Report: Petrographic and Qualitative Analyses of Sands and Sherds from the Lower Verde River Area (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James M. Heidke. Diana C. Kamilli. Elizabeth Miksa.

The goal of the present study is to identify the provenance of ceramics recovered from the Lower Verde Archaeological Project (LVAP) sites on the basis of the temper found within them (Ciolek-Torrello et al. 1992:III-75 to III-85). The focus of this attached report is on sand temper used in pottery vessels. Ceramic wares and/or types produced within the study area are distinguished from those imported from other areas. A reconnaissance sample of wash sands from the lower Verde River area was...