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Chronological Changes in Pottery Production in the Phoenix Basin: Evidence from La Villa (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James Heidke. Mary Ownby.

Recent excavations at La Villa recovered a large quantity of pottery that spanned a broad range of time from the Vakhi (ca. A.D. 500-700) to Early Sacaton phase (ca. A.D. 950-1020). Binocular and petrographic analysis of this corpus provides insights into changes in pottery production and distribution in the Phoenix Basin, particularly for Hohokam decorated ceramic types. The results from examining early red-on-gray through red-on-gray/buff sherds indicates those vessels were made with crushed...

An Overview of the Human Remains from La Villa: Mortuary Programs, Paleopathology, and Possible Ritualized Use (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text T. Michael Fink. lorrie lincoln-babb. Korri Dee Turner.

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