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Archaeological Management Summary: Limited Phase II (Site Testing) of Four Historic Sites, McGuire Air Force Base, Burlington County, New Jersey (1995)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard D. Holmes.

Mariah Associates Inc. (Mariah) of Albuquerque, New Mexico, performed limited Phase II site testing at four historic sites at McGuire Air Force Base (AFB) in Burlington County, New Jersey. The sites are depicted on the New Egypt, New Jersey. The sites are 28-Bu-458 (HS-29), 28-Bu-459 (HS-31), North Run Refuse Midden, 28-Bu-460 (HS-46). The context for archaeological research at these sites was provided by the Pinelands Cultural Resource Management Plan for Historic Period Sites (New Jersey...

Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan, Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst, New Jersey (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

The Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan (ICRMP) provides an internal compliance and management tool that enables the conservation of historic properties and cultural resources (CR) in concert with the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) mission. The ICRMP integrates the legal requirements for CR preservation with ongoing mission activities and ensures that mission essential activities are fully supported by the management policies and procedures outlined within. The ICRMP is based...

Report of Archaeological Curation Services and Finding Aid for Archaeological Collections, Joint Base-McGuire Dix Lakehurst Environmental Division-Historic Preservation Office (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Adrienne Lazazzera.

Services began after initial inspection of artifact collections and cultural resource documentation housed at the Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst Environmental Division Historic Preservation Office in Fort Dix, New Jersey. The agreed upon scope of work consisted of curating artifacts and organizing collections information. Artifact collections were inspected, labeled, compared with survey documentation, inventoried and curated at the Fort Dix Environmental Division Historic Preservation Office...