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Archaeological Investigations: Salt River Project, Coronado-Silverking Transmission Line 500kV and 230kV Corridor Segment from Silverking Substation West to Tonto National Forest Boundary, Federal (Tonto National Forest) and Private Lands, Pinal County, Arizona: Final Report for Archaeological Clearance Survey of 14.8 mi of Extra High Voltage Transmission Line Corridor, 2.0 mi of Substation Access Road, and 0.9 mi of 115kV Transmission Line Alignment, Silverking Substation Area, Tonto National Forest (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald Keller.

15 mi of Extra High Voltage transmission line corridor, 2 mi of access road, and 0.9 mi of 115kV transmission line from the Silverking Substation were surveyed for archaeological resources by the Museum of Northern Arizona in April, 1978. Twelve prehistoric and historic Anglo-American affiliation archaeological sites were identified along the EHV corridor between the Silverking Substation and the Tonto National Forest boundary. An isolated recent feature, not given a site designation, was found...

Brigham City Cemetery Arizona Site Steward File (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Karen Berggren. J. Balsam. Laura H. Saline. Joe Rodriguez.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for the Brigham City Cemetery, in use by Mormon Pioneers of the United Order between 1876 and the 1880s, located on State Trust land. A petrified wood monument with a bronze plaque was erected on August 23, 1934, by the Latter Day Saints and the Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association. The file consists of a site data form, an Arizona state historic property inventory form, a National Register of Historic Places inventory nomination form, two maps of...

A Cultural Resources Survey of the C.C. Cragin (Blue Ridge) Reservoir and Associated Pipeline and Electrical Line, Coconino and Tonto National Forests, Arizona (2006)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Chris North.

The Salt River Project (SRP) has acquired the C.C. Cragin (formerly Blue Ridge) project from the Phelps Dodge Corporation, which originally built the project in 1965. The C.C. Cragin project consists of a number of facilities, including a dam and reservoir, diversion tunnel and pump shaft, pumping plant, priming reservoir, pipeline, electrical transmission line, surge tank, and a power plant. SRP requested a Class III cultural resources survey of these facilities in advance of future operation,...

Final Inventory and Evaluation of 31 Historic Buildings and Objects at Los Angeles Air Force Base, California, Volume I and Volume II (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Evelyn Chandler. Cary Cotterman.

This report presents the results of the inventory and evaluation of 31 historic-period buildings and objects at Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB). The evaluated buildings and objects are located on three separate areas of LAAFB, Fort MacArthur Middle Reservation, and the Pacific Heights Housing Area. Of the 31 historic-age buildings and objects at LAAFB that were evaluated for NRHP eligibility for this study, 10 buildings and 2 objects are recommended eligible for listing on the NRHP as...

Results of a Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Survey of Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald G. Jones. Sally Pendleton. Nicole A. Missio.

A cultural resources reconnaissance survey was conducted of the Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts. The cultural resources survey was conducted by the Office of Public Archaeology at Boston University for Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation of Boston, Massachusetts, and Law Environmental of Georgia. The survey included an archaeological reconnaissance survey with limited subsurface testing and an architectural survey. During the archaeological survey, 173 shovel test pits were...