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Archaeological Investigations, Salt River Project, Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad, Federal, State, and Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Preliminary Report for Intensive Survey of the Proposed Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad (1976)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. James Trott. Gale McPherson.

At the request of the Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona has conducted an intensive survey of the proposed Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad right-of-way. A total of 55 sites was recorded by the survey, 47 of them located at least partly within the right-of-way. Recommendations concerning each of these sites have been prepared. A cost estimate for additional archaeological investigations, which are recommended in the event of direct impact from the proposed railroad...

Archaeological Site Mapping at Coal Mine Spring, Sonoita Creek State Natural Area (AZSP), April 2010 (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jeremy Moss.

In April, 2010 a partnership between Sonoita Creek State Natural Area (SNA) and the National Park Service (Tumacacori National Historical Park) began when the manager of Sonoita Creek SNA, Jennifer Parks, approached me about conducting an archaeological survey of the new Coal Mine Spring addition north northwest of Lake Patagonia. The Coal Mine Spring area of Sonoita Creek State Natural Area had not been previously surveyed for archaeological sites. The total addition covers over 4,000 acres, so...

An Archaeological Survey of Indian Bend Wash (1973)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David A. Cleveland. William B. Fawcett. W. Bruce Masse.

The Indian Bend Wash survey was conducted by Arizona State Museum in accordance with the requirements of a "Scope Work" developed by the Office of Arid Land Studies (University of Arizona) and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. The purpose of the survey was to locate archaeological resources within the limits of the proposed Indian Bend Wash flood control project area, to evaluate the impact of the project on the resources, and to recommend measures for lessening the impact on the local...

A Cultural Inventory of the Salt River Indian Reservation, Arizona (1972)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Alaina Harmon

This document consists of site descriptions for sites located on the Salt River Indian Reservation Lands. Those contributing content to the report include Gerald Bair, Susan B. Belt, Dav Buge, Thomas Cartledge, William G. Holiday, Susanne LaFollette, Minnabell E. Laughlin, Chad Phinney, Erwin R. Ray, Linda Richards, Helen P. Wells, Regge N. Wiseman, Robert York, and Betsy R. Zeligs.

Fish Canyon Survey (1988)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bruce B. Huckell. Tim Rollins. M. M. Farrell. Mark M. South. Barbara Murphy. Ronald Beckwith.

An archaeological survey of slightly more than 1.25 square miles (approximately 840 acres) of land located at the eastern edge of the Coronado National Forest (Nogales Ranger District) approximately 4.2 miles northwest of Sonoita has been performed by the Cultural Resource Management Division (CRMD) of the Arizona State Museum. The survey was done at the request of Genesis Real Estate and Development, Incorporated, as part of a proposed land exchange with the Coronado National Forest.

Proposed Mead to Phoenix 500kV DC Transmission Line Project: Appendix D: Eastwing Substation and Westwing Substation Expansion: Archaeological Surveys (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald R. Keller. Donald E. Weaver, Jr..

Two proposed substation site alternatives along the Agua Fria River were surveyed for archaeological resources by the Museum of Northern Arizona in December 1982. One small previously recorded potsherd concentration and a number of isolated artifacts were located within the Westwing area. An extensive Hohokam site was located within the Eastwing parcel, along with a segment of the historic Marinette Heading Canal. The Westwing substation alternative is strongly recommended in preference to the...