A Cultural Inventory of the Salt River Indian Reservation, Arizona

Editor(s): Minabell Laughlin

Year: 1972


This document consists of site descriptions for sites located on the Salt River Indian Reservation Lands.

Those contributing content to the report include Gerald Bair, Susan B. Belt, Dav Buge, Thomas Cartledge, William G. Holiday, Susanne LaFollette, Minnabell E. Laughlin, Chad Phinney, Erwin R. Ray, Linda Richards, Helen P. Wells, Regge N. Wiseman, Robert York, and Betsy R. Zeligs.

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A Cultural Inventory of the Salt River Indian Reservation, Arizona. Minabell Laughlin. Research Paper ,4. Tempe, AZ: Arizona State University (ASU). 1972 ( tDAR id: 406038) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8406038

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Site Name
AZ U:10:30 (ASU) AZ U:10:31 (ASU) AZ U:10:32 (ASU) AZ U:10:33 (ASU) AZ U:10:34 (ASU) AZ U:10:35 (ASU) AZ U:10:36 (ASU) AZ U:5:25 (ASU) AZ U:5:26 (ASU) AZ U:5:27 (ASU) AZ U:5:28 (ASU) AZ U:5:29 (ASU) AZ U:6:23 (ASU) AZ U:6:40 (ASU) AZ U:6:41 (ASU) AZ U:6:42 (ASU) AZ U:6:43 (ASU) AZ U:6:44 (ASU) AZ U:6:45 (ASU) AZ U:6:60 (ASU) AZ U:6:61 (ASU) AZ U:6:62 (ASU) AZ U:6:63 (ASU) AZ U:6:64 (ASU) AZ U:6:65 (ASU) AZ U:6:66 (ASU) AZ U:6:67 (ASU) AZ U:6:68 (ASU) AZ U:6:70 (ASU) AZ U:6:71 (ASU) AZ U:6:72 (ASU) AZ U:9:10 (ASU) AZ U:9:102 (ASU) AZ U:9:103 (ASU) AZ U:9:104 (ASU) AZ U:9:105 (ASU) AZ U:9:106 (ASU) AZ U:9:107 (ASU) AZ U:9:108 (ASU) AZ U:9:109 (ASU) AZ U:9:11 (ASU) AZ U:9:110 (ASU) AZ U:9:111 (ASU) AZ U:9:12 (ASU) AZ U:9:14 (ASU) AZ U:9:15 (ASU) AZ U:9:16 (ASU) AZ U:9:17 (ASU) AZ U:9:18 (ASU) AZ U:9:19 (ASU) AZ U:9:20 (ASU) AZ U:9:21 (ASU) AZ U:9:22 (ASU) AZ U:9:29 (ASU) AZ U:9:31 (ASU) AZ U:9:32 (ASU) AZ U:9:33 (ASU) AZ U:9:34 (ASU) AZ U:9:35 (ASU) AZ U:9:36 (ASU) AZ U:9:37 (ASU) AZ U:9:40 (ASU) AZ U:9:43 (ASU) AZ U:9:52 (ASU) AZ U:9:53 (ASU) AZ U:9:54 (ASU) AZ U:9:55 (ASU) AZ U:9:56 (ASU) AZ U:9:57 (ASU) AZ U:9:58 (ASU) AZ U:9:59 (ASU) AZ U:9:6 (ASU) AZ U:9:60 (ASU) AZ U:9:61 (ASU) AZ U:9:62 (ASU) AZ U:9:63 (ASU) AZ U:9:64 (ASU) AZ U:9:65 (ASU) AZ U:9:66 (ASU) AZ U:9:67 (ASU) AZ U:9:68 (ASU) AZ U:9:69 (ASU) AZ U:9:7 (ASU) AZ U:9:70 (ASU) AZ U:9:8 (ASU) AZ U:9:9 (ASU) Show More

Site Type
Adobe Building Adobe Compound Adobe Ramada Adobe Room Adobe Structure Adobe Wall Agricultural or Herding Agricultural Unit Artifact Scatter Ball Court Basalt Outline Bedrock Grinding Feature Bedrock Mortar Brick House Building Campsite Canal Canal or Canal Feature Cave Cemetery Church Church / Religious Structure Circular Rock Alignment Cobble Diversion Line Compound Compound Wall Cooking Pit Diversion Line Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures D-Shaped Rock Outline Encampment Field House Floor Flagging Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Garden Gathering Site Habitation Unit Hamlet / Village Hearth Historic Church / Religious Structure Historic Structure House Hut Jacal Structure Knapping Site Lithic Concentration Midden Milling Feature Mound Non-Domestic Structures Occupation Oven Pit Platform Mound Ramada Rancheria Refuse Mound Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Retaining Wall Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Rock Shelter Room Room Block / Compound / Pueblo Settlements Shade Structure / Ramada shelter Sherd Area Sherd Concentration Sherd Scatter Stone Outline Structure Sweat House Sweat House / Sweat Lodge Trash Deposit Trash Midden Trash Mound Trash Scatter Village Waffle Garden Wall Water Control Feature Wattle & Daub (Jacal) Structure Wattle and Daub House Windbreak Base Show More

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.89; min lat: 33.435 ; max long: -111.693; max lat: 33.588 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager

Contributor(s): Susan B. Belt; Dav Buge; William G. Holiday; Susanne LaFollette; Minnabell E. Laughlin; Erwin R. Ray; Helen P. Wells; Regge N. Wiseman; Betsy R. Zeligs; Gerald Bair; Susan Belt; Thomas Cartledge; Linda Richards; Betsy Zeligs; Minnabel Laughlin; Chad Phinney; Robert York

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