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Wood (Material Keyword)

Modified or unmodified objects made from the roots, trunk, or branches of trees or shrubs.

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03-32: Letter Report (2003)


A formal report was not written for this project.

07-109: Letter Report (2007)


No formal report was written for this project.

1850 New Philadelphia Federal Census (2006)


1850 New Philadelphia Federal Census

1855 New Philadelphia State Census (2006)


1855 New Philadelphia State Census

1860 New Philadelphia Federal Census (2006)


1860 New Philadelphia Federal Census

1864 Charles Poston, Description of Casa Grande (1963)


This document is letter from Regional Archaeologist Albert Schroeder to the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Superintendent. This 1864 letter portion is in regard to a communication from Charles Poston, who was the Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Arizona at the time. The letter was sent to Wm. P. Dole who was then the Commissoner of Indian Affairs. It is a general review of the condition of the Great House and a request for funds for excavation.

1865 New Philadelphia State Census (2006)


1865 New Philadelphia State Census

1870 New Philadelphia Federal Census (2006)


1870 New Philadelphia Federal Census

1880 New Philadelphia Federal Census (2006)


1880 New Philadelphia Federal Census

1892-1992 Centennial, Casa Grande Ruins National Monument


This project contains documents relative to the 1892-1992 centennial of Casa Grande Ruins National Monument including a book and related documents and images from an administratve history of Casa Grande Ruins National Monument prepared by A. Berle Clemensen. Additional Documents include the scanned figures and images used in the publication. These documents were prepared for the National Park Service.

1900 Map of Location of Fort St. Joseph (1900)


Local-scale rendition of the location of Fort St. Joseph, creator unknown, believed to have been drawn around 1900.

1932 Ruins Shelter specifications (1981)


This document is a detailed sketch and description of the shelter built over the Great House at the Casa Grande National Monument. The sketch and description detail the dimensions of the shelter along with materials used and the engineering firm, Allen Bros. Inc., Los Angeles, CA, that installed the shelter. The document also discusses difficulties encountered and the danger of damage to the Great House during construction.

1948 Stabilization photos of Compound A (1948)


These images display the 1948 stabilization efforts on outer walls and buildings of Compound A at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Included are photographs of pre-stabilization, during stabilization and post stabilization. The photographs indicate the poor condition of structures prior to stabilization. The photographs also show the use and application of chicken wire to the structures.

1957 Gladwin, Harold Sterling, A History of the Ancient Southwest (1957)


This book regards the histories of the Southwest and its peoples from approximately 200 A.D. to 1450 A.D.

1959 Excavations, Glen Canyon Area (1960)


During 1959, the University of Utah conducted two excavation programs in the Glen Canyon area: 1) at the Coombs site, at Boulder, Utah (Lister, 1959, 1960). and 2) at a number of sites in the Glen Canyon reservoir area proper. This report presents the results of the latter program. The work was part of the Upper Colorado River Basin Archeological Salvage Project, sponsored by the National Park Service. The history of this project has been summarized in another paper in this series (Jennings...

The 1959-1960 Transwestern Pipeline: Window Rock to Flagstaff (1964)


During the winter of 1959-1960, Transwestern Pipeline Inc. and Gulf Interstate Co. constructed a 30 inch transmission pipeline form Texas to the California border. The Museum of Northern Arizona, in agreement with the National Park Service, provided the personnel for archaeological salvage on a portion of the line across northern Arizona. The project was under the overall direction of Charles R. Steen and Zorro A. Bradley of the Southwestern Region Headquarters of the National Park Service in...

1971 Saratoga Grant Records (1971)


Records relating to field work conducted in 1972.

1972 Saratoga Battlefield Report (1972)


Report to the National Park Service on the results of 1972 investigations

1972 Saratoga Field Photographs (1972)


This is a PDF file containing photographs taken during the 1972 field season. Image numbers are keyed to entries in the catalog.

1972 Saratoga Grant Records (1972)


Grant administration records for 1972

1973 Saratoga Battlefield contract records (1973)


These document the grants and contracts having to do with the 1973 field season at the Saratoga Battlefield.

1973 Saratoga Field Photographs (1973)


This is a PDF file that contains copies of field photographs taken during the 1973 field season.

1973-74 Saratoga Battlefield Report (1974)


This is a report on excavations carried out on the battlefield in 1973, with analysis and writing extending into 1974

1974 Excavations at Fort Larned National Historic Site Kansas (1975)


This resource contains an extensive field report of excavations carried out by the University of Colorado in twelve different localities at Ft. Larned National Historic Site during June and July, 1974. The field party of thirteen individuals was under the direction of Douglas D. Scott. Tested and excavated areas and structures are specified under an amendment to provisions of National Park Service Contract X-2000-3-0083. Following the descriptive section on the excavation is a discussion of...

1974 Field Catalog (1974)


This is the rough field catalog kept during the 1974 field season at the Saratoga Battlefield

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