12-Al-923-20, Celt, Preform Groundstone

Part of the ROI022, The Archaeological Resources of the Maumee River Valley, Allen County, Indiana (DRAFT) project

Creator(s): Wilson Nettleton

Year: 2022


Celt, Preform Groundstone, Catalog #: 12-Al-923-20

Recovered as part of Report of Investigations 22, The Archaeological Resources of the Maumee River Valley, Allen County, Indiana, James Mohow

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12-Al-923-20, Celt, Preform Groundstone. Wilson Nettleton. 2022. Applied Anthropology Laboratories, Ball State University ( tDAR id: 471466) ; doi:10.48512/XCV8471466


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12Al1132 12Al1133 12Al1134 12Al1135 12Al1136 12Al1137 12Al1138 12Al1139 12Al1140 12Al1141 12Al1142 12Al1143 12Al1144 12Al1145 12Al1146 12Al1147 12Al1148 12Al1149 12Al1150 12Al1151 12Al1152 12Al1153 12Al1154 12Al1155 12Al1156 12Al1157 12Al1158 12Al1159 12Al1160 12Al1161 12Al1162 12Al1163 12Al1164 12Al1165 12Al1166 12Al1167 12Al1168 12Al1169 12Al1170 12Al1171 12Al1173 12Al1174 12Al1175 12Al1176 12Al1178 12Al1179 12Al1180 12Al1182 12Al1183 12Al1184 12Al1185 12Al1186 12Al1187 12Al1188 12Al1189 12Al1190 12Al1191 12Al1192 12Al1193 12Al1194 12Al1195 12Al1196 12Al1197 12Al1198 12Al1200 12Al1202 12Al1203 12Al1204 12Al1205 12Al1206 12Al1207 12Al1208 12Al1209 12Al1210 12Al1211 12Al1212 12Al1213 12Al1214 12Al1215 12Al1216 12Al1217 12Al1218 12Al1220 12Al1221 12Al1222 12Al1223 12Al1224 12Al1225 12Al1226 12Al1227 12Al1228 12Al1229 12Al1230 12Al1231 12Al1233 12Al1234 12Al1235 12Al1236 12Al1237 12Al1238 12Al1239 12Al1240 12Al1241 12Al1242 12Al1243 12Al1244 12Al1245 12Al1246 12Al1247 12Al1248 12Al1250 12Al1251 12Al1252 12Al1253 12Al1254 12Al1255 12Al1256 12Al1257 12Al1258 12Al1259 12Al1260 12Al1261 12Al1262 12Al1263 12Al1264 12Al1265 12Al1266 12Al1267 12Al1268 12Al1269 12Al1270 12Al1271 12Al1272 12Al1273 12Al1274 12Al1275 12Al1276 12Al1277 12Al1278 12Al1279 12Al1280 12Al1281 12Al1282 12Al1283 12Al1284 12Al1285 12Al1286 12Al1287 12Al1288 12Al1289 12Al129 12Al21 12Al22 12Al23 12Al24 12Al25 12Al390 12Al391 12Al400 12Al412 12Al413 12Al414 12Al416 12Al417 12Al44 12Al477 12Al478 12Al479 12Al502 12Al503 12Al504 12Al505 12Al506 12Al507 12Al508 12Al509 12Al510 12Al511 12Al512 12Al513 12Al514 12Al515 12Al516 12Al517 12Al523 12Al524 12Al548 12Al549 12Al550 12Al555 12Al564 12Al566 12Al80 12Al804 12Al805 12Al83 12Al890 12Al894 12Al895 12Al896 12Al897 12Al898 12Al899 12Al900 12Al901 12Al902 12Al903 12Al904 12Al905 12Al906 12Al907 12Al908 12Al909 12Al910 12Al911 12Al912 12Al913 12Al914 12Al915 12Al916 12Al917 12Al918 12Al919 12Al920 12Al921 12Al922 12Al923 12Al924 12Al925 12Al926 12Al927 12Al928 12Al929 12Al930 12Al931 12Al932 12Al933 12Al934 12Al935 12Al936 12Al937 12Al938 12Al939 12Al94 12Al940 12Al941 12Al942 12Al943 12Al945 12Al946 12Al947 12Al948 12Al949 12Al95 12Al950 12Al951 Show More

Spatial Coverage

min long: -85.308; min lat: 40.917 ; max long: -84.808; max lat: 41.263 ;

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Reports of Investigation(s): 022

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Ball State University Applied Anthropology Laboratories

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