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Remains of a historic building or location designed for public religious services.

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Animal Husbandry at Pimería Alta Missions: El Ganado en el Sudoeste de Norteamérica ​ (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman.

Documentary evidence from the southwestern region of North America indicates that Spanish missionaries attempted to alter the daily lives of native peoples through the introduction of Eurasian domesticated animals and animal husbandry practices. However, our understanding of the degree to which these efforts were successful is hindered by a dearth of zooarchaeological evidence. Excavations at 18th-century missions in present-day northern Sonora and southern Arizona provide an opportunity to...

Archaeological Excavations at Nine Sites Near the Mouth of Pima Canyon, Tucson, Arizona (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David P. Doak.

In the fall of 1995, archaeological test excavations were conducted on nine archaeological sites near the mouth of Pima Canyon, north of Tucson, Arizona. The operation involved the excavation of approximately 200 1 x 1 m test units. This was intended not only to test the sites in question, but also to mitigate impending damages to as many of those sites as possible, so that further archaeological work would not have to be done. In the case of seven of these sites, the level of mitigation...

An Archaeological Investigation of the Historic Black Settlement at Mobile, Arizona (1992)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mark T. Swanson.

This report details an archaeological investigation of the historic black settlement at Mobile, Arizona, conducted by Statistical Research in November of 1991. Mobile is a small community of around 60 residents, located in Maricopa County about 30 miles southwest of Phoenix, between the towns of Maricopa and Gila Bend. This investigation was conceived by Pat H. Stein of the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office and Bruce Jones of Statistical Research. The work was performed by Mark Swanson...

Archaeological Mapping and Artifact Analyses at the Calabazas and Guevavi Units of the Tumacacori National Historic Park, Santa Cruz County, Arizona (2011)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Rachel Fernandez

The Calabazas and Guevavi Units of the Tumacacori National Historical Park preserve valuable cultural resources dating to Prehistoric, Protohistoric, Spanish, Mexican, American Territorial, and American Statehood times. These units are located in southern Arizona in Santa Cruz County. Plans are underway to install visitor paths at the Calabazas Unit. Concerns regarding visitor impacts to the surface of the site led the National Park Service (NPS) to request a program in which all artifacts on...

An Archaeological Survey of the Santa Cruz River Valley from the Headwaters to the Town of Tubac in Arizona (1941)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Edward Bridge Danson.

The Santa Cruz River is located in south-central Arizona in the Santa Cruz and Pima Counties. A short stretch of the rivers lies in northern Sonora and forms a big horseshoe bend as the river cuts across the foot of the Patagonia Mountains from the San Rafael Valley into the Santa Cruz Valley proper. In the San Rafael Valley, where the headwaters of the river are found, the Santa Cruz passes few towns or villages. The first one is Lochiel, a small cluster of houses on the International...

Artifact Inventory, 17 Archaeological Surveys at Forestry Activity Areas, Fort A.P. Hill (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John Mullin.

The artifact inventory for the Semi-annual Technical Report 17 Archaeological Surveys at Forestry Activity Areas Fort A.P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia.

Artifact Photographs, Liberty Chapel, Fort Lee (2009)
IMAGE Fort Lee Regional Archaeological Curation Facility.

This resource page contains color photographs of artifacts from the Liberty Chapel site located at Fort Lee, Virginia.

ASOR Syrian Heritage Initiative (SHI): Planning for Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Syria - Weekly Report 7 (September 22, 2014) (2014)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael D. Danti. Kurt W. Prescott.

Weekly Report 7 encompasses September 17, 2014 to September 22, 2014. Also included are Incident Reports SHI 14-031, SHI 14-032, SHI 14-033, SHI 14-034, and SHI 14-035. This report contains a Heritage Timeline describing events involving the destruction of heritage sites in Syria. Cultural heritage in Aleppo and in northern Aleppo Governate continues to be at high risk of destruction given the intensity of fighting in these areas and the risks posed by Islamic State’s ongoing intentional...

Brant House Excavation Field Map (1984)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow.

This is the Brant House Excavation Field Map.

Brant House Feature Forms (1985)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow.

This is the Brant House Feature Forms for the Indian Castle site excavations of 1984-1985.

Cincelli Ceramics: Photographs (2011)
IMAGE Matthew Boulanger. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

These images show the individual sherds from Cincelli, Italy analyzed by neutron activation at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Photographs were taken at LBNL and scanned by the Archaeometry Laboratory at MURR. Individual files were named according to the official catalog numbers of each image assigned by the Graphic Arts Department at LBNL.

Cold War Resources Survey and Evaluation, Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, NY (Final) (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael Brown. Laura Ziemke. Joseph J. Zollo. Mary Johnson.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has completed the Survey and Evaluation Plan for Cold War historic resources at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station (ARS), New York. This Cold War survey was developed in response to a Cold War historic context data gap identified in the Cultural Resources Management Plan (CRMP) developed for the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, New York in 1996. This survey is designed to supplement the information provided in the CRMP, which is updated...

The Colonial Transformation of Mohawk Iroquois Society (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David Guldenzopf.

This is David Guldenzopf dissertation (1986) about the Colonial Transformation of Mohawk Iroquois Society.

A Cultural Inventory of the Salt River Indian Reservation, Arizona (1972)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Alaina Harmon

This document consists of site descriptions for sites located on the Salt River Indian Reservation Lands. Those contributing content to the report include Gerald Bair, Susan B. Belt, Dav Buge, Thomas Cartledge, William G. Holiday, Susanne LaFollette, Minnabell E. Laughlin, Chad Phinney, Erwin R. Ray, Linda Richards, Helen P. Wells, Regge N. Wiseman, Robert York, and Betsy R. Zeligs.

Cultural Resources Survey for Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, New Jersey (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Baystate Environmental Consultants.

A Cultural Resources Survey (CRS) has been conducted for Naval Air Engineering Station (NAES) Lakehurst, Ocean County, New Jersey. NAES Lakehurst was established in 1921, and until 1961 was the center for the Navy's lighter-than-air (LTA) program on the east coast. This CRS consists of a review of published and archival sources, a building survey, a preliminary walkover inspection of known or suspected archaeological sites, an evaluation of the potential eligibility of the buildings and...

Cultural Resources Survey of the Sea Island Healthcare Tract (2006)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jennifer Salo.

In March 2005, Brockington and Associates, Inc., conducted an intensive cultural resources survey of the 36-acre Sea Island Healthcare Tract, located south of Fenwick Crossroads on Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina. The tract lies between Angel Oak Road, Maybank Highway (SC Route 700), and Bohicket Road.

Curation Request Form
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Amanda Sacks

This is the curation request form for the Jackson-Everson site.

Curation Request Form (1984)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow.

This is a curation request form from Dr. Dean Snow to the New York State Museum about the Mohawk Valley Project.

The Eastern Mining Area Transmission Line Survey: Archaeological Resources in the Salt-Gila Uplands of Central Arizona (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Thomas N. Motsinger. Heidi Roberts. Richard V. N. Ahlstrom.

SWCA, Inc., Environmental Consultants (SWCA), of Tucson, Arizona, conducted the Eastern Mining Area (EMA) survey project under contract to Salt River Project (SRP) between October, 1993, and February, 1994. One central purpose of the project was to create an inventory of archaeological resources to assist in the planning of future improvements and other modifications to existing SRP transmission lines. The project included 107 person-field days of Class III archaeological survey along...

Edited Socci Catalog (1984)
DATASET Mary C. Socci.

This is an edited version of the Socci catalog.

Email Correspondence (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dean Snow. Charles Weldon.

This document has an email from Dean Snow to Charles Welden. The second email is from Charles Welden to Dean Snow. This is a communication about why the collection is not at the New York State Museum.

The Enshrining of Fort Ste. Anne: Forgotten Memories and Selective Reconstruction of Vermont's Earliest European Occupation Site (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jessica R. Desaney.

This article in the Society for American Archaeology's (SAA) publication The SAA Archaeological Record recounts the excavations of a Historic period fort built by the French in 1666 on Isle La Motte, Vermont, an island on the northern edge of Lake Champlain. The fort was partially excavated in the early 1900's and a small, Catholic shrine to fur traders was built from building material and artifacts. This piece is a reflection on the construction of memory and identity through connections to...

An Environmental Evaluation of Scenic, Historic and Land Use Considerations for the Coronado Project, St. Johns, Arizona (1975)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Wirth Associates.

From January to April of 1974, Wirth Associates, as part of a larger study team, conducted environmental studies for the Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District (SRP) on their proposed Coronado Generating Station. The purpose of these studies was to assess the potential environmental conflicts of the proposed 1050 MW generating station on the scenic, historic and land use resources of two alternate plant sites (near the towns of St. Johns and Snowflake, Arizona) and their...

Excavated Squares
IMAGE Uploaded by: Amanda Sacks

This is a map of the excavated squares during the 1983 excavation at the Jackson-Everson site.

Excavation Photographs, Liberty Chapel, Fort Lee (1 of 4) (2009)
IMAGE Fort Lee Regional Archaeological Curation Facility.

This resource page contains survey photographs of the excavation of Liberty Chapel located at Fort Lee, Virginia.