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An Archaeological Survey of Indian Bend Wash (1973)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David A. Cleveland. William B. Fawcett. W. Bruce Masse.

The Indian Bend Wash survey was conducted by Arizona State Museum in accordance with the requirements of a "Scope Work" developed by the Office of Arid Land Studies (University of Arizona) and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. The purpose of the survey was to locate archaeological resources within the limits of the proposed Indian Bend Wash flood control project area, to evaluate the impact of the project on the resources, and to recommend measures for lessening the impact on the local...

The Central Arizona Project Historic Preservation Program: Conserving the Past While Building for the Future (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region.

On July 15, 1983, the chairman of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) ratified a programmatic memorandum of agreement among the Arizona and New Mexico State Historic Preservation Officers (SHPOs), the Bureau of Reclamation, and the ACHP. The subject of that agreement was the construction of the Central Arizona Project (CAP) and its impact upon historic properties. That agreement was negotiated in compliance with Section 2(b) of Executive Order 11593, "Protection and Enhancement...

A Cultural Inventory of the Salt River Indian Reservation, Arizona (1972)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Alaina Harmon

This document consists of site descriptions for sites located on the Salt River Indian Reservation Lands. Those contributing content to the report include Gerald Bair, Susan B. Belt, Dav Buge, Thomas Cartledge, William G. Holiday, Susanne LaFollette, Minnabell E. Laughlin, Chad Phinney, Erwin R. Ray, Linda Richards, Helen P. Wells, Regge N. Wiseman, Robert York, and Betsy R. Zeligs.

Cultural Resources Survey of the Salt River Project Canals, Maricopa County, Arizona, Revised (1998)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lourdes Aguila.

Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) conducted a Class III (Intensive), non-collection cultural resources survey on approximately 170 miles of the Arizona, Arizona Crosscut, Grand, Tempe, Tempe Crosscut, Consolidated, Eastern, South, Western, Highline, and Kyrene Branch Canals in Maricopa County, Arizona. The survey was undertaken at the request of Jon S. Czaplicki, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) archaeologist and Contracting Officer's Technical Representative for Contract...

HAER No. AZ-19, Arizona Canal, North of the Salt River, Phoenix Vicinity, Maricopa County, Arizona: Photographs, Written Historical and Descriptive Data, and Reduced Copies of Drawings (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Shelley C. Dudley.

The Arizona Canal is the northernmost canal in the water distribution system of the Salt River Project, located within the urban center of Phoenix in Central Arizona. The Salt River Valley, at the time of the canal's construction in 1883, already had canals on both the north and south side of the Salt River irrigating portions of the Valley. Yet the men who organized the Arizona Canal Company saw the scorched, desolate desert in the northern part of the Valley and envisioned thousands of...

Historic Cultural Resources in Relation to the Central Arizona Water Control Study (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lyle M. Stone. James E. Ayres.

Flooding along the Salt, Gila, Verde, and Agua Fria Rivers in February and March of 1978 resulted in extensive damage to property in Central Arizona and in the disruption of ground transportation and commerce in the greater Phoenix area. Major flooding also occurred along these rivers in December, 1978 and February, 1980. The recognition of this flooding problem, and of requirements for the regulatory storage of Central Arizona Project (CAP) water, prompted the U.S. Department of the Interior,...

Open Ditches: Maintaining Examples of SRP's Historic Water Distribution System (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text SRP Cartographic & GIS Services.

Cartographic representations of historic open ditches manufactured by SRP. Located in areas throughout the Greater Phoenix area, the maps outline areas that are proposed for preservation. A total of 27 water distribution systems are shown.

The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Class III Cultural Resources Survey, Maricopa County, Arizona (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Deni J. Seymour.

Between March 11 and 21, 1991, SWCA, Inc., Environmental Consultants conducted a cultural resources survey of approximately 2,300 acres of Pima -Maricopa Indian Community Lands in Maricopa County, Arizona. The survey was conducted in order to locate and describe cultural remains within the project area that might be adversely affected by proposed development of the area in conjunction with the Central Arizona Project, Water Distribution Facilities. A total of 20 sites (AZ U:5:41 through AZ...

SRP 69 kV Subtransmission Line Reconductoring Project, Final Environmental Assessment (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Environmental Services Group, ENTRANCO, Inc..

This Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared at the request of the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) to evaluate Salt River Project (SRP) proposed plans to perform major maintenance to two 69 kilovolt (kV) subtransmission lines within an SRP power line utility corridor easement. Although this project is not a Federal undertaking or action, this EA has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Manual Release No. 9303,...