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Between the River and the Terrace: Archaeological Investigations Within the Red Mountain Freeway Corridor, From Gilbert Road to Higley Road (2002)
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This report discusses the results of archaeological testing at four cultural resource sites to assess their eligibility for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), and the results of data recovery excavations at one of the four sites to mitigate impacts from construction. Entranco completed this project at the request of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) prior to the proposed construction of the Red Mountain Freeway (RMF) Gilbert Road to Higley Road segment...

A Cultural Inventory of the Salt River Indian Reservation, Arizona (1972)
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This document consists of site descriptions for sites located on the Salt River Indian Reservation Lands. Those contributing content to the report include Gerald Bair, Susan B. Belt, Dav Buge, Thomas Cartledge, William G. Holiday, Susanne LaFollette, Minnabell E. Laughlin, Chad Phinney, Erwin R. Ray, Linda Richards, Helen P. Wells, Regge N. Wiseman, Robert York, and Betsy R. Zeligs.

The Middle Gila Basin: An Archaeological and Historical Overview (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Claudia F. Berry. William S. Marmaduke.

The Central Arizona Project (CAP) , Indian Distribution Division (IDD) is designed to deliver allocated CAP water to Indian users. The Middle Gila Basin Overview is the initial cultural resources planning study for the system. It summarizes and evaluates the extant data in an area 3,570 square miles (9,139 sq km) large, centered on the Gila River. The data suggests that archaeological sites in this area are numerous and varied, but most of all poorly-studied despite 100 years of research. A...