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Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology Volume 01
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Archive of papers from Volume 1 of the Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology, published by the Australian Society for Historical Society (ASHA) in 1983.

Cultural Resources Overview for the Papago Park Planning Area (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Soil Systems, Inc..

Cella Barr Associates contracted with Soil Systems, Inc. to prepare an overview of the cultural resources in the Papago Park planning area. A survey of pertinent literature and site record files was conducted and the results were summarized in this report. Recommendations for documentation and assessment of cultural resources within the park area conclude this report. A review of the archaeological and historical material encompassing the Papago Park planning area has revealed 20 archaeological...

The Importance of Cultural Resource Management to Industrial Archaeology (2019)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Daniel Dellosso.

Cultural resource management (CRM) and industrial archaeology are newer fields to the broad scope of archeology. CRM and industrial archaeology both have methods on identifying and processing cultural resources, but CRM can provide valuable methods on preserving, reusing or identifying industrial heritage. This paper will display how CRM and industrial archaeology are needed together to fully understand the cultural importance and physical important of the building in the past and present.

The life and death of a flourmill: McCrossin's Mill, Uralla (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Luke Godwin.

To varying extents old buildings are historical documents. In the following paper Luke Godwin of the Department of Prehistory and Archaeology, University of New England, discusses his recent investigations of McCrossin's Mill, a late 19th century flourmill at Uralla in northern New South Wales. He sees the construction of the mill and the material remains of its working life, closure and subsequent use, as a reflection of the economic history of New England, in particular of the history of the...