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Eaton Site
PROJECT Uploaded by: William Engelbrecht

This project contains data from 17 seasons of excavation from the Eaton Site in West Seneca, NY just south of the city of Buffalo. It is a multi-component site that was occupied intermittently from late Paleo-Indian times through the early 19th century when it contained a cabin on what was then the Buffalo Creek Reservation. The bulk of material recovered from the site is from an Iroquoian village dating to the mid-sixteenth century. The major portions of three longhouses and a palisade...

Late Paleoindian Archaeology at the Eaton Site, Western New York (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Kevin P. Smith. William Engelbrecht. John D. Holland.

This paper reports the discovery of late Paleoindian period points at the Eaton site, Erie County, NY. The authors describe three Holocombe style and three Hi-lo style points found in two discreet locations on the site. They briefly discuss how the discovery of these point styles at Eaton impacts arguments for increased localization of point style in the late Paleoindian period in the Great Lakes region.