Aguas Turbias Ceramic Complex, Late Classic I Period (A.D. 600–750) (Temporal Keyword)

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Blue Creek Central Precinct
PROJECT Thomas Guderjan.

Multi-format digital data set that focuses on the central precinct of the Blue Creek site, which is composed of Plaza A and B complexes. These data consist of PDF documents of published and unpublished papers, reports, and manuscripts, Microsoft Excel databases of artifact collections, images of architectural features, artifacts and surrounding landscapes, scanned topographic and survey maps produced by the Blue Creek project, and aerial images. The information contained in BCAP reports and...

Blue Creek Central Precinct Images (2011)
IMAGE Thomas Guderjan.

Blue Creek Central Precinct Images consisting of aerials, site core plan map, and architectural reconstruction illustrations

Blue Creek Central Precinct Map (2011)
IMAGE Thomas Guderjan.

Map of the Central Precinct at the Blue Creek Site, Belize

Blue Creek Central Precinct Temporal Maps (2011)
IMAGE Thomas Guderjan.

Blue Creek Central Precinct Temporal Maps - Preclassic, Early Classic, and Late Classic

The Construction of Interpolity Sociopolitical Identity Through Architecture at the Ancient Maya Site of Blue Creek, Belize (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text William Driver.

This dissertation examines the design variation present in the ritual and domestic architecture of the Maya site of Blue Creek, Belize, in an attempt to understand how differences in architectural style may have been linked to the construction of local, intra-community sociopolitical identities within this ancient Maya community. The study employs a practice-based, technological style theoretical perspective which views all material culture style, including that of architecture and the built...

The Economic Base of an Ancient Maya City (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text thomas guderjan.

Intensive agriculture supported large ancient Maya populations. However, there have been few attempts to understand how agriculture was integrated with the political economy of a Maya city and that city’s interaction with other polities. The site of Blue Creek in northern Belize offers the opportunity to begin to assess these relationships. Blue Creek had access to enormous agricultural resources and direct access to the riverine coastal trade system. The combination of these factors enabled...

Maya Political Economy: A Spatial, Temporal, and Contextual Analysis of Jade Deposits throughout the Southern Lowlands (2009)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Christina Marroquin.

Jade is a valuable tool for studying Maya political economy because it is not only geologically rare but socially and ritually significant. Control of jade acquisition, production, and distribution became a measure of the power, prestige, and authority of the increasingly competitive polity elites. However, there is no catalog of jade artifacts for the Maya region. Therefore, this study compiles jade data from eight Southern Lowland sites with well-documented collections, creating a publicly...

Patterns of Maya Jade Disposal at Blue Creek, Belize (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text thomas guderjan.

Jade was the most valued material in the Classic Maya world. Large numbers of jade artifacts have been recovered from diverse contexts from the Maya site of Blue Creek, Belize. This database allows for analysis of the distribution and disposal of jade artifacts. Further, jade’s role in Classic Maya political economies is unclear, with views alternating between jade having functioned as a currency and jade having been controlled by royal elites. The Blue Creek database is used to test the...

Settlement Zone Communities of The Greater Blue Creek Area - Occasional Paper 2 (2000)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Robert Lichtenstein.

The present work is an archaeological study of the settlement zone of the greater Blue Creek Area, located in the upper Rio Hondo drainage of northwestern Belize. The excavation data reported here were recovered during the 1997 and 1998 field seasons of the Maya Research Program's Blue Creek Project inder the direction of Dr. Thomas H. Guderjan PhD.

A Thriving Non-Royal Lineage at Blue Creek; Evidence From a Sequence of Burials, Caches and Architecture (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text thomas guderjan. colleen hanratty.

As the fortunes of the Maya city of Blue Creek (Belize) rose in the Late Preclassic and Early Classic, so did those of its elite, non-royals. In one elite residence, the Structure 37 Plazuela, we see evidence of a lineage marked by the interment of an early venerated ancestor, possibly its founder. Later, as this lineage became important on a community-wide basis and as the community itself grew in wealth and stature, another individual was interred nearby, bearing accoutrements of a shaman....