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Late Intermediate Period (Temporal Keyword)

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Architectural data from the Tarma and Upper Mantaro Drainages, Peru (2016)

DATASET Kaitlyn Davis. Scott Ortman.

Data analyzed in Table 4 of "Settlement Scaling and Economic Change in the Central Andes," by Ortman, Davis, Lobo, Smith, Bettencourt and Trumbo.

General Resources from the Long Term Vulnerability and Transformation Project

PROJECT Margaret Nelson. National Science Foundation.

Long-Term Coupled Socioecological Change in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico: Each generation transforms an inherited social and environmental world and leaves it as a legacy to succeeding generations. Long-term interactions among social and ecological processes give rise to complex dynamics on multiple temporal and spatial scales – cycles of change followed by relative stasis, followed by change. Within the cycles are understandable patterns and irreducible uncertainties; neither...

Lithic data from the Central Andes (2016)

DATASET Scott Ortman. Kaitlyn Davis. Aaron Trumbo.

Lithic data from excavations in the Upper Mantaro region, Peru. Retabulated from Russell (1988) dissertation and analyzed in Table 1 of "Settlement Scaling and Economic Change in the Central Andes."

Population and History in the Ancient Titicaca Basin (2001)

DOCUMENT Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Matthew Bandy's doctoral dissertation, reporting the results of a settlement survey of 98 square kilometers on the Taraco Peninsula, an area of the Tiwanaku Heartland in the southern Titicaca Basin.

Raw Data for Soils Collected on the Pampa de Chaparri on the North Coast of Peru (2010)

DATASET Colleen Strawhacker.

These are the raw data for soils collected on the Pampa de Chaparri on the north coast of Peru for Strawhacker's dissertation research.

Settlement Areas and Patio Group Areas from the Tarma and Upper Mantaro Drainages, Peru (2016)

DATASET Scott Ortman. Kaitlyn Davis.

Data analyzed in Table 2 of "Settlement Scaling and Economic Change in the Central Andes," by Ortman, Davis, Lobo, Smith, Bettencourt and Trumbo.

Social Reactors Project datasets

PROJECT Uploaded by: Scott Ortman

Datasets from various publications of the Social Reactors Project

Space-Time Perspectives on Early Colonial Moquegua (2013)

DOCUMENT Prudence Rice.

In this rich study of the construction and reconstruction of a colonized landscape, Prudence M. Rice takes an implicit political ecology approach in exploring encounters of colonization in Moquegua, a small valley of southern Peru. Building on theories of spatiality, spatialization, and place, she examines how politically mediated human interaction transformed the physical landscape, the people who inhabited it, and the resources and goods produced in this poorly known area. Space-Time...

Sustaining Irrigation Agriculture for the Long-Term: Lessons on Maintaining Soil Quality from Ancient Agricultural Fields in the Phoenix Basin and on the North Coast of Peru (2013)

DOCUMENT Colleen Strawhacker.

Irrigation agriculture has been heralded as the solution to feeding the world’s growing population. To this end, irrigation agriculture is both extensifying and intensifying in arid regions across the world in an effort to create highly productive agricultural systems. Over one third of modern irrigated fields, however, show signs of serious soil degradation, including salinization and waterlogging, which threaten the productivity of these fields and the world’s food supply. Surprisingly, little...

Taraco Pensinula Archaeological Survey

PROJECT Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Systematic Survey of about 98 km2 of the Taraco Peninsula in Bolivia, conducted in the late 1990s.

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