Ceramic Late Archaic (Temporal Keyword)

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Archaeological Investigation of 38CH1025 at the Pointe at RiverTowne Country Club, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Eric C. Poplin. Kara Bridgman. Patrick Sievert.

From June 1999 through March 2002, Brockington and Associates, Inc., conducted data recovery investigations at 38CH1 025 at the Pointe at RiverTowne Country Club on Parkers Island in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The site is located in Charleston County and was intermittently occupied from the Ceramic Late Archaic through the Late Woodland periods. Wando ceramics define the primary occupation of the site. Two of three oyster shell refuse middens at 38CH1025 display distinct strata that...

The Archaeology of Hampton Plantation, Glynn County, Georgia
PROJECT Scott Butler. Terry G. Powis. The Sea Island Company (Sea Island, Georgia).

A study of Hampton Plantation, located in Glynn County, Georgia. Hampton Plantation was a part of the vast Pierce Butler estate, which also encompassed Butler Island. Approximately 300 enslaved laborers resided at Hampton alone, with another 500 persons at Butler Island. This was one of the largest slave operations ever conducted in the antebellum South. In the fall of 2002, the Sea Island Company contracted with Brockington and Associates, Inc., to carry out intensive Phase II testing at three...

Good Times at Short Timer Archaeological at the Short Timer Site (38BU1787) May River Neck, Beaufort County, South Carolina (2007)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Sudha Shah. Thomas Whitley.

From July to September 2002, Brockington and Associates, Inc., conducted archaeological data recovery investigations at the Short Timer site (38BU1787), May River Neck, Beaufort County, South Carolina. Short Timer is a multi-component prehistoric site situated in the middle of a broad sandy terrace on a large meander bend of the May River. Cultural materials recovered from the site date from the Ceramic Late Archaic through the Mississippian period.The site was originally recorded by...

Phase III Archaeological Data Recovery at the Wallys Leg Site (9GN203), St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Terry G. Powis. Kim Richards. Alana Lynch. Dea Mozingo. Dave Lineberry.

The Sea Island Company has considerable land holdings on St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia. The long term development plans of the Sea Island Company include proceeding with due caution and awareness of the rich cultural heritage of the island (see Southerlin et al. 1998:1). In October 1997, Brockington and Associates, Inc., was contracted to provide Sea Island Company with an inventory of all cultural resources located within a large tract on the northern part of the island, encompassing...