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Formative/Preclassic period (Temporal Keyword)

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2008 Radiocarbon Dating Analyses (2008)

DOCUMENT [ID: 426552] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

2008 Radiocarbon Analyses for Samples RGT 14C 2, RGT 14 C3, Tiltepec BR. 14-C-1

2014 Radiocarbon Data report (2014)

DOCUMENT [ID: 426553] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

2014 radiocarbon data report

Areas de excavacion en Cerro Jazmin (2017)

IMAGE [ID: 436307] Antonio Martínez Tuñón. Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

imagenes de areas de excavacion PACJ 2013-15

The Bartlett Reservoir Cultural Resources Survey (1996)

DOCUMENT [ID: 393775] Uploaded by: Claudine Gravel-Miguel

At the request of the Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office, Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) conducted an intensive Class III cultural resources survey of approximately 1,700 acres of the Lower Verde Area around the perimeter of Bartlett Reservoir on the Tonto National Forest. Approximately 150 acres of the project area were inaccessible due to either the elevated level of Bartlett Reservoir or steep terrain. This survey identified 108 sites, which far exceeded original...

Cerro Jazmin Archaeological Project 2008-2016

PROJECT [ID: 425995] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

Archaeological project that included two seasons of mapping and, so far, three seasons of excavation at the site of Cerro Jazmin, in the Mixteca Alta region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Cerro Jazmin mapa general espanol (2013)

IMAGE [ID: 436304] Veronica Perez Rodriguez. Antonio Martínez Tuñón.

mapa general en espanol de Cerro Jazmin, resultados de fase I

Cerro Jazmin mapa general espanol (2013)

IMAGE [ID: 436305] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

mapa general en espanol de Cerro Jazmin, resultados de fase I

CJAP 2013 Report-INFORME (2013)

DOCUMENT [ID: 426404] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

2013 CJAP excavation informe

CJAP 2013 Resultados Botánicos Cerro Jazmín (2013)

DOCUMENT [ID: 426409] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

Resultados Botánicos de Cerro Jazmín 2013

CJAP 2014 Report-INFORME (2014)

DOCUMENT [ID: 426405] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

2014 CJAP excavation informe

CJAP 2015 Report-INFORME (2015)

DOCUMENT [ID: 426407] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

2015 CJAP excavation informe

CJAP radiocarbon dates 2013-2016 (2016)

DATASET [ID: 426604] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

Consists on samples of charcoal, tooth, soil, and shell that were radio-carbonated (2013-2016).

CJAP radiocarbon results 2013 (2013)

DOCUMENT [ID: 426551] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

Radiocarbon analysis report 2013

CJAP September12, 2014 Turquoise analysis report (2014)

DOCUMENT [ID: 426408] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

2014 CJAP Turquoise analysis Report

Isotope report (1) from Corina (2017)

DOCUMENT [ID: 437447] Corina Kellner.

First isotope data report from Corina

Location of CJ in Oaxaca map (2017)

IMAGE [ID: 436306] Antonio Martínez Tuñón. Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

Regional location of Cerro Jazmin in the Mixteca


DOCUMENT [ID: 426550] Veronica Perez Rodriguez.

Radiocarbon AMS analyses on 10 samples.

Arizona State University The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation National Science Foundation National Endowment for the Humanities Society for American Archaeology Archaeological Institute of America