The Bartlett Reservoir Cultural Resources Survey

Editor(s): Teresa L. Hoffman

Year: 1996


At the request of the Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office, Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) conducted an intensive Class III cultural resources survey of approximately 1,700 acres of the Lower Verde Area around the perimeter of Bartlett Reservoir on the Tonto National Forest. Approximately 150 acres of the project area were inaccessible due to either the elevated level of Bartlett Reservoir or steep terrain. This survey identified 108 sites, which far exceeded original estimates of 30 small sites. ACS also conducted limited collection of diagnostic surface artifacts under their temporary use permit.

Of the 108 sites identified, 97 sites exhibited prehistoric components, two exhibited protohistoric components, and 11 contained historic components. Prehistoric sites included habitation sites, agricultural sites, and resource processing/procurement sites. Protohistoric sites included two rockshelters identified as resource processing/procurement sites. Historic sites included two historic habitation sites, five transportation sites represented by historic road segments, a water gauging station, and a complex of three sites related to the construction of, and including, Bartlett Dam.

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The Bartlett Reservoir Cultural Resources Survey. Teresa L. Hoffman. Tempe, Arizona: Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. 1996 ( tDAR id: 393775) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8N017P7

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AR-03-12-01-1165(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1376(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1377(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1378(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1379(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1380(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1381(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1382(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1383(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1384(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1385(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1386(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1387(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1388(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1389(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1390(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1391(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1392(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1393(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1394(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1395(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1396(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1397(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1398(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1399(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1400(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1401(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1402(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1403(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1404(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1405(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1406(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1407(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1408(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1409(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1410(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1411(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1412(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1413(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1414(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1415(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1416(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1417(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1418(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1419(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1420(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1421(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1422(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1423(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1424(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1425(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1438(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1439(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1440(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1441(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1442(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1443(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1444(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1445(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1446(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1447(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1448(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1449(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1450(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1451(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1452(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1453(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1454(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1455(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1456(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1457(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1458(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1459(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1460(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1461(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1462(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1463(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1464(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1465(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1466(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1467(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1468(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1469(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1470(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1471(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1472(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1473(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1474(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1475(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1476(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1477(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1478(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1479(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1482(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1483(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1484(USFS) AR-03-12-01-1485(USFS) AR-03-12-01-173(USFS) AR-03-12-01-174(USFS) AR-03-12-01-241(USFS) AR-03-12-01-246(USFS) AR-03-12-01-253(USFS) AR-03-12-01-675(USFS) AR-03-12-01-676(USFS) AR-03-12-01-677(USFS) AR-03-12-01-678(USFS) AR-03-12-01-680(USFS) AR-03-12-01-702(USFS) Show More

Site Type
Agricultural Field or Field Feature Ancient Structure Artifact Scatter Ball Court Canal or Canal Feature Checkdam Dam complex Encampment Hamlet / Village Historic Structure House Pit House / Earth Lodge Plaza Road Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Alignment Rock Shelter Trash Midden Water Control Feature

Spatial Coverage

min long: -111.684; min lat: 33.797 ; max long: -111.575; max lat: 33.942 ;

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Bureau of Reclamation Delivery Order No.(s): 5-PD-32-01820-025

ACS Project No.(s): 94-324

Bureau of Reclamation Contract No.(s): 1425-2-CS-32-01820

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