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A Cultural Resource Overview of the Bureau of Land Management Coleville, Bodie, Benton, and Owens Valley Planning Units, California (1979)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Colin I. Busby. John M. Findlay. James C. Bard.

This report represents a contribution to a number of regional (i.e., planning unit) studies commissioned by the Bureau of Land Management for lands under its control in the State of California. The intent of these various studies is to provide the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) with an overview and synthesis of the existing cultural resource information, including historic, prehistoric and ethnographic data available for the study area, in this case, the Bodie/Coleville and Benton/ Owens...

Evaluation of Early Human Activities and Remains in the California Desert (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Emma L. Davis. K. H. Brown. Jacqueline Nichols.

The desert quarter of California lies open for change and/or destruction. This report presents the area's demonstrated wealth of prehistoric information that still is little known, uncorrelated, controversial and fragile. To justify the large sums already expended on archeological surveys of CDCA, it is now essential to create a public document that goes much further. Our research outlines a story of desert prehistory --the searches of Rogers, the Campbells, Simpson, Begole, Childers,...

The Prehistory and Management of Cultural Resources in the Red Mountain Area (1981)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael C. Hall. James P. Barker. Russell L. Kaldenberg. Jan Townsend.

The report is comprised of two separate "working papers" on the prehistory of the California Desert: 1) Background to Prehistory of the El Paso / Red Mountain Desert Region; and 2) An Archaeological Protection and Stabilization Plan for the Squaw Spring Well Archaeological District near Red Mountain, California. The first report represents the second in a series of regional (i.e., Planning Unit) studies undertaken or scheduled for the California Desert Planning Program, United States...