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AZ F:11:3 Arizona Site Steward File (2000)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ruth Lopez.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file that consists of the site AZ F:11:3, comprised of a Depression Era road and trash concentration, located on Bureau of Land Management land. The file consists of an Arizona State Museum archaeological site card, map of the site location, and site map. The earliest dated document is from 1993.

Bringing Water to the Desert: the Civilian Conservation Corps at Petrified Forest National Park (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William T Reitze. Melyssa Huston.

Over the last four years Petrified Forest National Park has begun to replace the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) installed waterline which carries drinking water to the original headquarters complex at Rainbow Forest. At the completion of the project in 1940 the Rainbow Forest Waterline represented the longest CCC hand-dug waterline in a National Park. Survey and recording, currently in progress, along the complete 26 mile corridor has documented a detailed archaeological record of the lives...

A Cultural Resources Sample Survey of Operation Zones, Barry M. Goldwater Range, Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Arizona (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jeffrey H. Altschul. Bruce A. Jones.

From June to September 1989, Statistical Research conducted a non-collection Class II cultural resources survey of 5,200 acres within the R2301W segment of the Barry M. Goldwater Range in Yuma County, Arizona. The areas targeted for survey conformed to topographic surfaces on which archaeologists had found sites in the past. These areas were concentrated in the Baker Peaks and northern Copper Mountain regions as well as the eastern flanks of the Tinajas Altas and Gila Mountain ranges. The...

Restoration Project Historic Artifact Summary for FY 2010 (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Matthew D. Busch.

The FY 2010 Restoration Project is the first year of a four‐year project directed towards restoring the historic area within Jewel Cave to a more natural condition through the removal of foreign debris and materials. Although this area of the cave had been subject to smaller efforts of intermittent restoration work, this project is the first of its kind in regards to systematic restoration efforts. Work within this section of the cave took place between June 1 and October 1 of FY 2010. Efforts...