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Archaeological Investigations at La Ciudad de Los Hornos: Lassen Substation Parcel (1990)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard W. Effland, Jr..

The archaeological investigations at the Lassen Substation were designed to address four primary research issues: 1) the structure of and changes in domestic household arrangements, 2) chronology and dating of the early Hohokam occupation at Los Hornos, 3) subsistence, and 4) architectural construction and variability. The methods employed during the excavation and the subsequent analyses were selected with these research objectives in mind.

Archaeological Investigations at Los Guanacos: Exploring Cultural Changes in Late Hohokam Society (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Todd L. Howell.

This report describes archaeological investigations at the site of Los Guanacos, AZ U:9:116(ASM). The investigations involved a data recovery program, conducted by Northland Research, Inc. for the Salt River Project (SRP). Los Guanacos was a primarily Classic period Hohokam community. Only a portion of the site is contained in the approximately 103-acre land parcel owned by SRP, at the southeast corner of Kyrene and Elliot roads, in Tempe, Arizona. The archaeological investigations reported here...

Archaeological Investigations: Salt River Project Palo Verde to Kyrene 500 kV Transmission Line Right-of-Way, Private, State and Bureau of Land Management (Phoenix District Office) Lands, Maricopa, Arizona: Final Report for an Archaeological Survey of the Palo Verde to Kyrene 500 kV Transmission Line, Maricopa, County, Arizona (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Margaret A. Powers. Mark J. Keane. Donald E. Weaver, Jr..

At the request of Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona conducted an archaeological survey of a proposed 500kV transmission line between the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (near Wintersburg, Arizona) and the Kyrene Substation (near Tempe, Arizona). During survey of the 73.3 mi right-of-way, evidences of historic and prehistoric activity were recorded at 10 sites and 43 loci of isolated artifacts or features. With few exceptions, all identified remains could be assigned to the...

Archaeological Investigations: Salt River Project, Coronado-Silverking Transmission Line 500kV and 230kV Corridor Segment from Silverking Substation West to Tonto National Forest Boundary, Federal (Tonto National Forest) and Private Lands, Pinal County, Arizona: Final Report for Archaeological Clearance Survey of 14.8 mi of Extra High Voltage Transmission Line Corridor, 2.0 mi of Substation Access Road, and 0.9 mi of 115kV Transmission Line Alignment, Silverking Substation Area, Tonto National Forest (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald Keller.

15 mi of Extra High Voltage transmission line corridor, 2 mi of access road, and 0.9 mi of 115kV transmission line from the Silverking Substation were surveyed for archaeological resources by the Museum of Northern Arizona in April, 1978. Twelve prehistoric and historic Anglo-American affiliation archaeological sites were identified along the EHV corridor between the Silverking Substation and the Tonto National Forest boundary. An isolated recent feature, not given a site designation, was found...

Archaeological Monitoring of the Construction and Modification of Fuel Oil Dikes at the Kyrene Generating Station, Maricopa County, Arizona (1979)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Edward M. Fortier.

Between January 22 and February 9, 1979, Edward M. Fortier of Archaeological Research Services completed six days of archaeological monitoring of a fuel dike construction project at the Salt River Project Kyrene Generating Station. The construction area consists of a parcel of land 1080 ft. east-west by 480 ft. north-south in size. Two fuel oil tanks are located within this fenced parcel. This monitoring project was performed on behalf of Salt River Project, Phoenix, Arizona, in order to...

Archaeological Test Excavations at La Ciudad de los Hornos: The Casa Fiesta Location (1990)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Laurene G. Montero.

Archaeological test excavations have been conducted at a portion of La Ciudad de los Hornos (AZ U:9:71 (ASM)), a prehistoric multicomponent Hohokam village. The field work for this project, sponsored by AMCOR Investment Company, was undertaken during the fall of 1989 by Northland Research, Inc. pursuant to the proposed redevelopment of the Casa Fiesta trailer park. The Casa Fiesta project area consists of a 55-acre (22-ha), triangular lot. Archaeological testing consisted of cutting a series of...

Cultural Resources Report for the All American Pipeline Project: Santa Barbara, California to McCamey, Texas and Additional Areas to the East Along the Central Pipeline Route in Texas (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text New Mexico State University.

Chapter 22 of the report titled "Cultural Resource Report for the All American Pipeline Project: Santa Barbara, California to McCamey, Texas and Additional Areas to the East Along the Central Pipeline Route in Texas." Includes a site sampler for historic and prehistoric sites along the Central Pipeline route.

The Dinosaur: Archaeological Investigations Within the Gila River Valley for the Salt River Project's Pinal Central to Dinosaur 500 kV Transmission Line, Pinal County, Arizona (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: adam brin

Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District (SRP) plans to construct an 88-mile-long 500-kV extra-high voltage transmission line linking the Pinal West, Santa Rosa, Pinal Central, Abel, and Dinosaur substations (ACC CEC Case No. 126). This report presents the results of Phase I data recovery (extent testing) and Phase II data recovery within a 40-m- (130-ft-) wide corridor at seven sites located on State Trust Land administered by the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) (ASLD...

Hohokam Farming on the Salt River Floodplain: Excavations at the Sky Harbor Airport North Runway (2003)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Rachel Fernandez

Archaeological monitoring, testing, and data recovery in advance of construction related to the expansion of Sky Harbor International Airport's North Runway, including the realignment of 24th Street north of Buckeye Road. The work was authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the purpose of compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, and conducted in accordance with a Memorandum of Agreement (1993) executed by the FAA with the...

Life at the River's Edge: Hohokam Irrigation and Settlement Along the Red Mountain Freeway Between the Price Freeway and McKellips Road (1998)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: adam brin

Archaeological testing and data recovery were conducted along a segment of the Red Mountain Freeway (Loop 202) corridor between the Price Freeway and McKellips Road, including a realigned segment of Dobson Road in Mesa, Arizona. Conducted under contract to Stanley Consultants, Inc., for the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), the work was done in four phases (testing and data recovery for each of two segments) between October 1994 and April 1996. One site (AZ U:9:6 [ARS]) was found to...

New River Community Park (Daisy Mountain) Arizona Site Steward File (1985)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Connie L. Stone. Pat Jessup.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for the New River Community Park site, comprised of a Hohokam habitation with accompanying terrace, trails, masonry structure footings, and artifact scatter. The site is located on Bureau of Land Management, Arizona State Land Department, and privately owned land. The file consists of a site data form, Arizona Bureau of Land Management Cultural Resource Site Record, site environment form, and map of the site location.

Palo Verde-Devers Arizona Site Steward File (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Allen Dart.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for a site found during the Palo Verde-Devers 500KV line project. The site is comprised of the remnants of petroglyphs of possible Hohokam origin and barbed wire and rock piles left from a historic fence, and it is located on State Trust land. The file consists of an unlabeled data sheet and a map of the site location. The earliest dated document is from 1987.

Research Design for Data Recovery for the Salt River Project and Arizona Public Service Transmission Line Facilities Along the Beeline Highway (1985)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard W. Effland, Jr..

Salt River Project (SRP) and Arizona Public Service Company (APS) propose to construct three transmission lines along a portion of the Beeline Highway on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC). SRP proposes to build a new line which will connect the Pinnacle Peak, Brandow, and Papago Butte substations. APS proposes to realign two existing transmission lines and move them out of the Salt River channel and onto the north terrace above the river. Archaeological Consulting Services...

Salt River Project Pinnacle Peak to Papago Buttes Project, Assessment of Cultural Resources (1985)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard W. Effland.

Salt River Project (SRP) proposes to construct a 230 kV transmission line to connect the Pinnacle Peak, Brandow, and Papago Buttes substations. Archaeological Consulting Services (ACS) was contracted to perform an assessment of impacts to cultural resources that would be caused by the project. ACS is responsible for assessing potential impacts to historical and archaeological sites as well as architectural resources in the vicinity of...

Tonto Creek Archaeological Project - Artifact and Environmental Analyses, Volume 2: Stone Tool and Subsistence Studies (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: system user

The Tonto Creek Archaeological Project (TCAP), funded by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), was conducted by Desert Archaeology, Inc., in advance of the 1994-1996 realignment of Arizona State Route 188 in the Tonto Basin of east-central Arizona. From 1992 to 1996, portions of 27 archaeological sites were investigated. Site components ranged in date from the Middle Archaic period to the Late Historic era. Most dated to the Colonial, Sedentary, and early Classic periods, circa A.D....