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Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology Volume 02
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Archive of papers from Volume 2 of the Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology, published by the Australian Society for Historical Society (ASHA) in 1984.

The Convict Road Station Site at Wisemans Ferry: an Historical and Archaeological Investigation (1984)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Grace Karskens.

In examining the contribution of the convicts to Australia's early material history, archaeologists and architectural historians usually focus on impressive, durable structures such as public buildings and bridges. The convict road station site at Wisemans Ferry presents an alternative record. It comprises the remains of the temporary, rough dwellings of the convict gangs which constructed the Great North Road between 1826 and 1836, and it is particularly valuable because of the absence of...

Identifying with the Help: an Examination of Class, Ethnicity and Gender in a Post-Colonial German Houselot (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Erin Whitson.

The German presence within the Mississippi River valley, has received little attention through archaeological investigation. German outbuildings (as well as those living and/or working within outbuildings) have received even less reflection and deserves to be addressed to better understand what life was like within the American interior for "the help" during the country’s formative years. Bought in 1833 by a German family, the Janis-Ziegler property quickly moved from one centered in French...

Mission Santa Ana del Quiquib Arizona Site Steward File (1974)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tracy J. Andrews.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for the Mission Santa Ana del Quiquib, comprised of a mission and village in use by the Spanish and Papago between the 1790s and 1850, located on Bureau of Land Management land. The file consists of an antiquities site inventory form. The earliest dated document is from 1974.

A Report Concerning Archaeological Monitoring of a Utilities Trench Undertaken at Tubac Presidio State Historic Park (ARIZ:DD:8:33) March, 1992 (1992)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jack S. Williams.

During March of 1992 a small scale investigation involving archaeological monitoring was undertaken in connection with the creation of a utility trench in an area located between the Captain 's House and the post chapel at the Presidio of Tubac site. The work conducted included monitoring of the excavation of the trench and the creation of a series of profile drawings of the stratigraphy exposed. Because of rainy conditions a collection of artifacts was made from the soils disturbed by earth...

The Swilling Legacy (1978)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Earl Zarbin.

Each year thousands of people come to the Salt River Valley, some to visit and some to live. They see a thriving, growing community. But like many who have spent most, or all, of their lives there, they don't know much about the Valley's origins or how it developed. The men and women who built the Valley were like today's people. They were trying to improve their own condition. In doing that, they contributed to the well-being of one another. Jack Swilling was one of them. Swilling...