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The Archaeology of Class, Status and Authority Within Mid-19th Century U. S. Army Commissioned Officers: Examples from Fort Yamhill and Fort Hoskins, Oregon 1856-1866 (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Justin E Eichelberger.

In 1856 Fort Yamhill and Fort Hoskins were established to guard the newly established Oregon Coast Reservation.  Charged with controlling traffic in and out of the northern part of the reservation these posts served as "post-graduate schools" for several officers who would later become high ranking generals during the American Civil War.  During their service these men, often affluent and well educated, held the highest social, economic and military ranks at these frontier military posts.  This...

Material Expressions of Rank: Non-Verbal Communication Amongst Commissioned Officers at Fort Yamhill and Fort Hoskins, Oregon, 1856-1866 (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Justin E Eichelberger.

The 19th century U.S. Army was a hierarchically ranked subculture characterized by a caste-like system of institutional inequality.  Individual officers were commissioned into hierarchically ranked military classes, known as ranks, that were both authoritatively and socially distinct and within which each officer behaved in accordance with military discipline and a strict set of non-militaristic social norms.  This paper examines how commissioned officers at two mid-19th century U.S. Army posts...