contact period, 1584-1607 (Temporal Keyword)

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"Arming the Roanoke Colony": Illustrating Bellicosity through Archival and Archaeological Findings (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Erwin Walker Lane. Brent Lane.

Sir Walter Ralegh’s attempted English colony in coastal North Carolina is best known for thefailure of its 1587 "Lost Colony". But that colony was preceded by a 1585-86 exploratorysettlement that accomplished much of its mission to explore and describe the region’s lands, flora, fauna and peoples. Officially peaceful, this "First Colony" nonetheless engaged in military actions with indigenous peoples. Although direct archaeological evidence of its military capability is scant, a...

Ground Truthing the Future: Using Contact Era Archaeological Information to Test and Communicate Sea Level Change (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Edward B Lane. Brent Lane.

Coastal North Carolina has 3,375 miles of shoreline, much of it fronting low-lying lands increasingly vulnerable to flooding and inundation exacerbated by a long-term process of sea-level rise. This vulnerability has made the area a fruitful laboratory for environmental science studies of sea level change and its environmental and societal effects. But the issue of forecasting sea level rise for public policy and land use management has become controversial due in part to the difficulty of...