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Aztec (2018)
DATASET Paula Sabloff. Jeffrey Cohen.

Dataset of 63 statuses (positions) found in the archaeological and historical literature on the Aztec imperial period (1350-1520 AD. Aztec=149 years only. 57 were considered "pre-imperial years," and 94 = "imperial years" [Hassig 2016:57-58]). For each status, the expected roles and actual behaviors are listed, as are the rank (relative position) and bases for legitimacy of anyone holding the given status. Additional information on the society or status-holders' roles and behaviors are given as...

Status-role-behavior database on 11 premodern societies
PROJECT Uploaded by: Paula Sabloff

Excel files describing all possible statuses and associated roles/behaviors for 10 premodern states (Aztec, Benin, Late Shang China, Old Kingdom Egypt, Mycenaean Greece, Protohistoric Hawaii, Inca, Old Babylonia, Late Classic Maya, and Zapotec) and 1 premodern society (Iceland).