rcordero faunal coding sheet_proximal distal

Creator(s): Robin Cordero

Year: 2012


proximal distal ontology mapping

note - specific cranial elements are noted in this table

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rcordero faunal coding sheet_proximal distal. Robin Cordero. 2012 ( tDAR id: 376481) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8542MVX

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Ontology: Fauna Proximal-Distal/Portion Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Portion/Proximal/Distal

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
0 complete Complete
5 portion unknown Indeterminate
6 anterior fragment Not Applicable
7 posterior fragment Not Applicable
8 proximal fragment Proximal
9 distal fragment Distal
10 medial fragment Not Applicable
11 lateral fragment Not Applicable
12 dorsal fragment Not Applicable
13 ventral fragment Not Applicable
14 inferior fragment Not Applicable
15 superior fragment Not Applicable
20 antler complete Not Applicable
21 antler tine Not Applicable
22 antler fork Not Applicable
23 antler pedicle Not Applicable
24 antler beam Not Applicable
25 horn core complete Not Applicable
26 horn core tip Not Applicable
27 horn core fragment Not Applicable
28 antler/horn Not Applicable
30 frontal Not Applicable
31 parietal Not Applicable
32 temporal Not Applicable
33 occipital Not Applicable
34 exoccipital Not Applicable
35 basioccipital Not Applicable
36 supraoccipital Not Applicable
37 presphenoid Not Applicable
38 sphenoid Not Applicable
39 basisphenoid Not Applicable
40 alisphenoid Not Applicable
41 orbitosphenoid Not Applicable
42 ethmoid Not Applicable
43 pterygoid Not Applicable
44 nasal Not Applicable
45 vomer Not Applicable
46 premaxilla Not Applicable
47 maxilla Not Applicable
48 palatine Not Applicable
49 lacrimal Not Applicable
50 zygomatic Not Applicable
51 petrous portion Not Applicable
52 auditory bulla Not Applicable
53 pterygoid Not Applicable
60 ramus complete Not Applicable
61 ascending ramus complete Not Applicable
62 ascending ramus fragment Not Applicable
63 coronoid process Not Applicable
64 mandibular condyle Not Applicable
65 angular process Not Applicable
66 body complete Not Applicable
67 anterior body Not Applicable
68 posterior body Not Applicable
69 cheek alveolus Not Applicable
70 incisor alveolus Not Applicable
80 enamel and root fragment Not Applicable
81 enamel fragment Not Applicable
82 root fragment Not Applicable
83 crown Not Applicable
90 complete w/o spinous process Not Applicable
91 centrum and neural arch Not Applicable
92 neural arch Not Applicable
93 neural arch cranial Not Applicable
94 neural arch caudal Not Applicable
95 centrum and neural arch Not Applicable
96 centrum Not Applicable
97 centrum cranial Not Applicable
98 centrum caudal Not Applicable
99 centrum left Not Applicable
100 centrum right Not Applicable
101 centrum epiphysis indeterminate Not Applicable
102 anterior centrum epiphysis Not Applicable
103 posterior centrum epiphysis Not Applicable
104 dens process Not Applicable
105 spinous process Not Applicable
106 transverse process Not Applicable
107 articular facet Not Applicable
108 anterior zygapophysis Not Applicable
109 posterior zygapophysis Not Applicable
110 sagittal split right Not Applicable
111 sagittal split left Not Applicable
112 transverse split cranial Not Applicable
113 transverse split caudal Not Applicable
114 sacral element indeterminate Not Applicable
115 sacral 1 Not Applicable
116 sacral 2 Not Applicable
117 sacral 3 Not Applicable
118 sacral 4 Not Applicable
119 sacral 5 Not Applicable
120 sacral 6 Not Applicable
121 sacral centrum Not Applicable
122 sacrum ala Not Applicable
123 sacral body Not Applicable
130 manubrium Not Applicable
131 sternal body Not Applicable
132 sternal body segment Not Applicable
133 xiphoid process Not Applicable
134 manubrium sterni Not Applicable
135 manubrium sterni w/coracoid facets and keel Not Applicable
136 keel Not Applicable
137 keel apex Not Applicable
138 metasternum Not Applicable
139 costosternal fragment Not Applicable
140 sternocoracoidal process Not Applicable
141 lateral caudal process Not Applicable
142 sternal fragment indeterminate Not Applicable
143 manubrium Not Applicable
144 sternal body Not Applicable
145 xiphoid process Not Applicable
150 rib vertebral end Proximal end & shaft {broken}
151 rib neck Proximal shaft fragment
152 rib shaft fragment Shaft
153 rib sternal end Distal end & shaft {broken}
154 glenoid fossa Proximal end
155 glenoid w/blade fragment Proximal end & shaft {broken}
156 scapula blade portion Shaft
157 scapula spine fragment Shaft
158 scapula neck Proximal shaft fragment
159 acromion process Not Applicable
160 coracoid process Not Applicable
170 pelvis complete or nearly complete Not Applicable
171 os coxa complete Not Applicable
172 acetabulum w/portions of ilium ischium and pubis Not Applicable
173 acetabulum w/portions of ilium and ischium Not Applicable
174 acetabulum w/portions of ilium and pubis Not Applicable
175 acetabulum w/portions of pubis and ischium Not Applicable
176 iliac crest Not Applicable
177 iliac epiphysis Not Applicable
178 acetabular fragment Not Applicable
179 ilium fragment Not Applicable
180 ischium fragment Not Applicable
181 pubis fragment Not Applicable
190 complete w/o proximal epiphysis Distal
191 complete w/o distal epiphysis Proximal
192 complete w/o proximal end Distal
193 complete w/o distal end Proximal
194 complete w/o lateral portion Complete
195 complete w/o medial portion Complete
196 complete w/o anterior portion Complete
197 complete w/o posterior portion Complete
198 proximal end absent/no dist epiphysis Distal end & shaft {broken}
199 distal end absent/no prox epiphysis Proximal end & shaft {broken}
210 proximal end Proximal end
211 proximal anterior end Proximal end
212 proximal anterior lateral end Proximal end
213 proximal anterior medial end Proximal end
214 proximal posterior end Proximal end
215 proximal posterior lateral end Proximal end
216 proximal posterior medial end Proximal end
217 proximal lateral end Proximal end
218 proximal medial end Proximal end
219 proximal end w/o epiphysis Proximal shaft minus proximal epiphysis {unfused}
220 proximal epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
221 proximal anterior epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
222 proximal posterior epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
223 proximal anterior lateral epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
224 proximal anterior medial epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
225 proximal posterior lateral epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
226 proximal posterior medial epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
227 proximal lateral epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
228 proximal medial epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
230 proximal shaft Proximal shaft fragment
231 proximal anterior shaft Proximal shaft fragment
232 proximal posterior shaft Proximal shaft fragment
233 proximal anterior medial shaft Proximal shaft fragment
234 proximal anterior lateral shaft Proximal shaft fragment
235 proximal posterior medial shaft Proximal shaft fragment
236 proximal posterior lateral shaft Proximal shaft fragment
237 proximal medial shaft Proximal shaft fragment
238 proximal lateral shaft Proximal shaft fragment
240 complete shaft Shaft
241 anterior shaft Shaft
242 posterior shaft Shaft
243 anterior medial shaft Shaft
244 anterior lateral shaft Shaft
245 posterior medial shaft Shaft
246 posterior lateral shaft Shaft
247 medial shaft Shaft
248 lateral shaft Shaft
249 midshaft segment Shaft
250 distal end Distal end
251 distal anterior end Distal end
252 distal anterior lateral end Distal end
253 distal anterior medial end Distal end
254 distal posterior end Distal end
255 distal posterior lateral end Distal end
256 distal posterior medial end Distal end
257 distal lateral end Distal end
258 distal medial end Distal end
259 distal end w/o epiphysis Distal shaft minus distal epiphysis {unfused}
260 distal epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
261 distal anterior epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
262 distal posterior epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
263 distal anterior lateral epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
264 distal anterior medial epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
265 distal posterior lateral epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
266 distal posterior medial epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
267 distal lateral epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
268 distal medial epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
270 distal shaft Distal shaft fragment
271 distal anterior shaft Distal shaft fragment
272 distal posterior shaft Distal shaft fragment
273 distal anterior medial shaft Distal shaft fragment
274 distal anterior lateral shaft Distal shaft fragment
275 distal posterior medial shaft Distal shaft fragment
276 distal posterior lateral shaft Distal shaft fragment
277 distal medial shaft Distal shaft fragment
278 distal lateral shaft Distal shaft fragment
279 shaft fragment indeterminate Shaft
280 metaphyseal end Indeterminate
281 condyle Indeterminate
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings


General Note: cranial elements are noted in this table

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