Generated identity coding sheet for BELEMENT

Year: 2013


This identity coding sheet was generated by tDAR for belement - VARCHAR 6005 column from Alexandria fauna dataset dataset (3739) on Mon Jan 07 12:56:14 MST 2013

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Generated identity coding sheet for BELEMENT. 2013 ( tDAR id: 380885) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8Z89C25

Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1st Phalange 1st Phalange 1st Phalanx
2nd Phalange 2nd Phalange 2nd Phalanx
2nd Phalange III 2nd Phalange III 2nd Phalanx
3rd Phalange 3rd Phalange 3rd Phalanx
50 50
Accessory Carpal (Cow) Accessory Carpal (Cow) Carpal
Antler Antler Antler
Articular Articular Articular
Asetabulum Asetabulum Acetabulum
Astragalus Astragalus Astragalus
Atlas Atlas Atlas
Axis Axis Axis
Baculum Baculum Baculum
Basioccipital Basioccipital Basiooccipital
Bill Bill Beak
Branchial Branchial
Branchiostegal Branchiostegal
Calcaneum Calcaneum Calcaneus
Calcaneus Calcaneus Calcaneus
Carapace Carapace Carapace
Carpal Carpal Carpal
Carpometacarpus Carpometacarpus Carpometacarpus
Cartelaginous Rib Cartelaginous Rib Rib
Caudal Vertebra Caudal Vertebra Caudal Vertebra
Ceratohyal Ceratohyal Ceratohyal
Cervical Vertebra Cervical Vertebra Cervical Vertebra
CervicalVertebra CervicalVertebra Cervical Vertebra
Clavicle Clavicle Clavicle
Claw Claw
Cleithrum Cleithrum Cleithrum
Coccygeal Vertebra Coccygeal Vertebra Vertebra
Coracoid Coracoid Coracoid
Crainum Frontal Crainum Frontal Frontal
Crainum Occipital Crainum Occipital Occipital
Crainum Premaxilla Crainum Premaxilla Premaxilla
Cranium Cranium Skull
Cranium Basioccipital Cranium Basioccipital Occipital
Cranium Bulla Cranium Bulla Bulla
Cranium Frontal Cranium Frontal Frontal
Cranium Fused Cranium Fused Skull
Cranium Hyoid Cranium Hyoid Hyoid
Cranium Interparietal Cranium Interparietal Interparietal
Cranium Mandible Cranium Mandible Mandible
Cranium Maxilla Cranium Maxilla Maxilla
Cranium Nasal Cranium Nasal Nasal
Cranium Occipital Cranium Occipital Occipital
Cranium Parietal Cranium Parietal Parietal
Cranium Partly Fused Cranium Partly Fused Skull
Cranium Premaxilla Cranium Premaxilla Premaxilla
Cranium Sphenoid Cranium Sphenoid Sphenoid
Cranium Temporal Cranium Temporal Temporal
Cranium Unknown Cranium Unknown Skull
Cranium Zygomatic Cranium Zygomatic
Cuboid Cuboid Cuboid
Cuneiform Cuneiform
Cuneiform Pes Cuneiform Pes Triquetrum
Cuneiform-Manus Cuneiform-Manus Triquetrum
Dent/Art Fused Dent/Art Fused
Dentary Dentary
Distal Fibula Distal Fibula Fibula
Dorsal Spine Dorsal Spine Fin Spine
Epihyal Epihyal Epihyal
Esophagus Ring Esophagus Ring
Eye Ring Eye Ring
Femur Femur Femur
Fibula Fibula Fibula
Frontal Frontal Frontal
Furculum Furculum Furculum
Fused Cerato/Epihyal Fused Cerato/Epihyal Epihyal
Fused Cranium Fused Cranium Skull
Fused Dentary/Articular Fused Dentary/Articular
Fused Thoracic Vertebra Fused Thoracic Vertebra Thoracic Vertebra
Horn Horn Horncore
Horn/Antler Horn/Antler Antler
Humerus Humerus Humerus
Hymandibular Hymandibular Hyomandibular
Interopercle Interopercle Interopercular
Lachryman Lachryman
Long Bone Long Bone
Long bone Long bone
Longbone Longbone
Longbone <1 1/2 inch Longbone <1 1/2 inch
Longbone >1 1/2 inch Longbone >1 1/2 inch
Longbone< 1/2 inch Longbone< 1/2 inch
Longbone<1 1/2 inch Longbone<1 1/2 inch
Longbone<1/2 inch Longbone<1/2 inch
Longbone>1 1/2 inch Longbone>1 1/2 inch
Lumbar Vertebra Lumbar Vertebra Lumbar Vertebra
Lunate Lunate Lunate
Magnum Magnum
Malar Malar Molar
Mandible w/ Incisor Mandible w/ Incisor Mandible
Mandible w/Molar and Incisor Mandible w/Molar and Incisor Mandible
Mandible w/molar and Incisor Mandible w/molar and Incisor Mandible
Mandible w/premolar,erupting molar Mandible w/premolar,erupting molar Mandible
Mandible with Molar Mandible with Molar Mandible
Marsupial Bone Marsupial Bone
Mastoid Process Mastoid Process
Maxilla Maxilla Maxilla
Maxilla w/ Molar Erupting Maxilla w/ Molar Erupting Maxilla
Maxilla w/2 Molars Maxilla w/2 Molars Maxilla
Maxilla w/molar Maxilla w/molar Maxilla
Mesapterygoid Mesapterygoid Metapterygoid
Metacarpal Metacarpal Carpometacarpus
Metacarpal II Metacarpal II 2nd Metacarpal
Metacarpal III Metacarpal III 3rd Metacarpal
Metacarpal IV Metacarpal IV 4th Metacarpal
Metacarpal V Metacarpal V 5th Metacarpal
Metacarpus Metacarpus Carpometacarpus
Metapodial Metapodial Metapodial
Metatarsal Metatarsal Metatarsal
Metatarsal IV Metatarsal IV 4th Metatarsal
Metatarsal V Metatarsal V 5th Metatarsal
Metatarsal II Metatarsal II 2nd Metatarsal
Metatarsal III Metatarsal III 3rd Metatarsal
Metatarsal IV Metatarsal IV 4th Metatarsal
Modified 2nd Vertebra Modified 2nd Vertebra Vertebra
Molar 2 Molar 2 M2
Molar 3 Molar 3 M3
Navicular Navicular Navicular
Navicular/Cuboid Navicular/Cuboid Navicular & Cuboid
Opercle Opercle Opercular
Ossified Tendon Ossified Tendon Ossified Tendon
Parasphenoid Parasphenoid Parasphenoid
Partly Fused Cranium Partly Fused Cranium Skull
Patella Patella Patella
Pectoral Spine Pectoral Spine Pectoral Fin
Pelvis Pelvis
Pelvis Whole Pelvis Whole
Pelvis-Acetablum Pelvis-Acetablum
Pelvis-Ilium (back) Pelvis-Ilium (back) Ilium
Pelvis-Ischium (front) Pelvis-Ischium (front) Ischium
Pelvis-Pubis Pelvis-Pubis Pubis
Pelvis-Pubis/Ischium Pelvis-Pubis/Ischium Ischium & Pubis w/o Acetabulum
Pelvis-asetabulum Pelvis-asetabulum Acetabulum
Pelvis-ishium Pelvis-ishium Ischium
Pelvis/Ilium Pelvis/Ilium Ilium
Pelvis/Ischium Pelvis/Ischium Ischium
Pelvis/Pubis Pelvis/Pubis Pubis
Pelvis/Sacrum Partial Pelvis/Sacrum Partial Sacrum
Pelvis/Sacrum Whole Pelvis/Sacrum Whole Sacrum
Phalange Phalange Phalanx
Phalange (Manus) Phalange (Manus) Phalanx
Phalange Epiphysis Phalange Epiphysis Phalanx
Phalange Pes Phalange Pes Phalanx
Phalange Unknown Phalange Unknown Phalanx
Phalange Wing (Manus) Phalange Wing (Manus) Wing Phalanges
Phalange-Unknown Phalange-Unknown Phalanx
Pisaform Pisaform Pisiform
Plastron Plastron Plastron
Pleural ribs Pleural ribs Rib
Podial Podial
Pollex Pollex Pollex
Post Temporal Post Temporal Posttemporal
Post cranial Post cranial Skull
Premaxilla Premaxilla Premaxilla
Premolar 3 Premolar 3 P3
Preopercule Preopercule Preopercular
Prootic Prootic Prootic
Pygostyle Pygostyle Pygostyle
Quadrate Quadrate
Radial Radial Radius or Radioulna
Radius Radius Radius or Radioulna
Rib Rib Rib
Sacral/Lumbar Vertebra Sacral/Lumbar Vertebra Lumbar Vertebra
Sacrum Sacrum Sacrum
Scale Scale Scale
Scaphoid Scaphoid Scaphoid
Scapholunar Scapholunar
Scapula Scapula Scapula
Scute Scute Scute
Sesamoid Sesamoid Sesamoid
Skull Skull Skull
Skull-Occipital Skull-Occipital Occipital
Spenoid Spenoid Sphenoid
Spur Spur
Sternal Rib Sternal Rib Rib
Sternum Sternum Sternum
Subopercle Subopercle Subopercular
Supraethmoid Supraethmoid Ethmoid
Supramaxilla Supramaxilla
Supraoccipital Supraoccipital Supraoccipital
Tail Vertebra-Hypural Plate Tail Vertebra-Hypural Plate Vertebra
Tarsal Tarsal Tarsal
Tarsometatarsal w/Spur Tarsometatarsal w/Spur Metatarsal
Tarsometatarsus Tarsometatarsus Metatarsal
Tarsometatarsus w/Spur Tarsometatarsus w/Spur Metatarsal
Thoracic Vertebra Thoracic Vertebra Thoracic Vertebra
Tibia Tibia
Tibia/Fibula Tibia/Fibula Tibia or Fibula
Tibiatarsus Tibiatarsus
Tooth Canine Tooth Canine Canine
Tooth Molar Tooth Molar Molar
Tooth Premolar Tooth Premolar Premolar
Tooth Unknown Tooth Unknown Tooth
Tooth-Incisor Tooth-Incisor Incisor
Ulna Ulna Ulna
Unciform Unciform Hamate
Unknown Unknown Unidentified Element
Unknown <1 1/2 inch Unknown <1 1/2 inch Unidentified Element
Unknown Carpal Unknown Carpal Carpal
Unknown Cranium Unknown Cranium Skull
Unknown Element Unknown Element Unidentified Element
Unknown Epiphysis Unknown Epiphysis
Unknown Metatarsal Unknown Metatarsal Metatarsal
Unknown Skull Unknown Skull Skull
Unknown Skull Bone Unknown Skull Bone Skull
Unknown Skull Bone-Different Unknown Skull Bone-Different Skull
Unknown Tarsal Unknown Tarsal Tarsal
Unknown Vertebra Unknown Vertebra Vertebra
Unknown element Unknown element Unidentified Element
Unknown spine Unknown spine Fin Spine
Unknown under 1 1/2 inches Unknown under 1 1/2 inches Unidentified Element
Unknown-over 1 1/2 inches Unknown-over 1 1/2 inches Unidentified Element
Unknown-under 1 1/2 inches Unknown-under 1 1/2 inches Unidentified Element
Urohyal Urohyal Urohyal
Vertebra Vertebra Vertebra
Xiphoid Xiphoid
mandible mandible Mandible
tibia tibia
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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