Generated identity coding sheet for Worked

Year: 2014


This identity coding sheet was generated by tDAR for worked - VARCHAR 40537 column from Grasshopper Pueblo Fauna dataset (392153) on Mon Mar 17 20:40:48 MST 2014

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Generated identity coding sheet for Worked. 2014 ( tDAR id: 392161) ; doi:10.6067/XCV81R6RFC

Ontology: Fauna Worked Bone Ontology

No categories or subcategories specified.

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
Not Worked Not Worked Unworked
Not worked Not worked Unworked
not worked not worked Unworked
possibly worked possibly worked Worked
smoothed smoothed Worked
weathered weathered Indeterminate
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet
heavy longitudinal striations
rodent and carnivore chewed
butchering marks, rodent gnawed
Rodent gnawing, carnivore gnawing
butchering marks and rodent chewed
butchering marks and rodent gnawed
carnivore gnawed
(Note: this code has trailing spaces)
root eroded
Carnivore gnawing
carnivore gnawing?
Rodent gnawing; butchering marks
(1) rod chewed
butchering marks
butchering marks?
Butchering Marks
carnivore and rodent gnawing
Rodent gnawing
Carnivore gnawing, butchering marks
skinning marks
Carnivore gnawing and rodent gnawing
Used as Lap board?
rodent and carnivore gnawing
Butchering marks
carnivore gnawing, rodent gnawing
Transverse cuts
rodent gnawing; butchering marks
root etched?
butchering marks, skinning marks
carnivore gnawing, butchering marks
root etched
Butchering marks?
split or grooved
Gnawed by rodent
butchering marks; rodent gnawing
surface weathered
see notes
gnawed by rodent
rodent gnawing; carnivore gnawing; butchering marks
Carnivore gnawed
rodent gnawed
Butchering marks, carnivore gnawing

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