Gran Quivira Lithic material type coding sheet

Part of the Gran Quivira Archaeological project

Creator(s): Judi L. Cameron

Year: 1985


This coding key is for the material type variable in the Gran Quivira lithics database. It is based on color and then on type, chert, chalcedony (translucent), obsidian, and quartzite. For at least some of the 1986 lithics, broader categories of obsidian, white chalcedony, quartzite, and miscellaneous materials were used. These were given codes 91-94 in this coding sheet. Other analyses also used broader material type categories. I have thus uploaded another coding sheet, 'gqlithicmaterialtypecats', that shows which of the more specific original material types were lumped into the broader categories of obsidian, local chalcedony, and quartzite. That sheet is not, however, mapped to the existing dataset.

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Gran Quivira Lithic material type coding sheet. Judi L. Cameron. 1985 ( tDAR id: 399221) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8X63P97

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Category: Chipped Stone

Subcategory: Material

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1 translucent obsidian
2 opaque obsidian
3 white chert
4 pink-pink/orange chert
5 orange/red chert
6 orange/red and red mottled chert
7 gray chert
8 olive brown chert
9 dark purple/red qtzite
10 gray qtzite
11 limestone
12 petrified wood
13 gray, pink, and white mottled chert
14 white qtzite
15 yellow/clear chalcedony
16 Alibates
17 purple chert
18 brown/white chert
19 gray/brown chalcedony
20 pink/orange qtzite
21 gray obsidian
22 brown qtzite
23 Tecovas
24 crystal
25 dark gray chert
26 red-brown-orange chert
27 caramel chert
28 dark gray chert with brown/white mottling
29 mossy chalcedony
30 white chalcedony
31 black chert
32 sandstone
33 green qtzite
34 fingerprint chert
35 gold,tan,light brown chalcedony
36 gray chalcedony
37 purple qtzite--white and blue stripes
38 not used
39 yellow chert
40 clear chaledony white mottled
41 fingerprint chalcedony
42 gray chalcedony white mottled
43 gray chaledony-orange/brown mottled
44 gray-brown chert
45 gray chaledony--yellow and red mottled
46 brown obsidian
47 gray slate
48 light purple qtzite
49 brown chalcedony-white mottled
50 purple chalcedony
51 olive brown and pink/orange chaledony
52 black qtzite
53 qtzite--gray, brown, red, green, white
54 red qtzite
55 gray qtzite w. black, red and/or white strips
56 pink-pink/orange chalcedony
57 gray, pink, and white mottled chalcedony
58 brown/purple chert
59 orange and black striped chert
60 basalt
61 gray chalcedony, brown and/or black mottled
62 multicolored chaledony
63 olive brown and red chert
91 obsidian
92 white chalcedony
93 quartzite
94 misc materials
99 indet.
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet

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Principal Investigator(s): Katherine Spielmann

Sponsor(s): Arizona State University (ASU)

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