Coding sheet for Resource Taxon (Dust Cave, Alabama Archaic faunal dataset)

Part of the Dust Cave Site, AL (1LU496) project

Year: 2015


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for resource_taxon - VARCHAR 79246 column from Dust Cave, Alabama Archaic faunal dataset dataset (394390) on 11/10/15 1:42 PM

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Coding sheet for Resource Taxon (Dust Cave, Alabama Archaic faunal dataset). 2015 ( tDAR id: 400799) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8JH3NR1

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Ontology: Eastern Archaic Resource type ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Taxon

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
A. grunniens A. grunniens Fish
A. platyrhyn A. platyrhyn Aquatic Birds
Anas sp. Anas sp. Aquatic Birds
Anatidae Anatidae Aquatic Birds
Anatidae? Anatidae? Aquatic Birds
Anserinae Anserinae Aquatic Birds
Anura Anura Amphibians
Aythyinae Aythyinae Aquatic Birds
B. canadensis B. canadensis Aquatic Birds
Bird Bird Birds
Bufo terrestris Bufo terrestris Amphibians
C. canadensis C. canadensis Aquatic Mammal
C. canadensis cf. Castor C. canadensis cf. Castor Aquatic Mammal
C. cyprinus cf. carpio carpio C. cyprinus cf. carpio carpio Fish
C. picta C. picta Aquatic Turtles
C. virginianus C. virginianus Other Birds
C. virginianus cf. C. virginianus cf. Other Birds
C. virginianus? C. virginianus? Other Birds
Canidae Canidae Other Medium Mammals
Canis sp. Canis sp. Other Medium Mammals
Catostomidae Catostomidae Fish
Centrarchidae Centrarchidae Fish
Colubridae Colubridae Reptiles
Cricetidae Cricetidae Other Small mammals
Crotalidae Crotalidae Reptiles
Crotalinae Crotalinae Reptiles
D. marsupialis D. marsupialis Other Medium Mammals
E. americanus E. americanus Fish
E. migratorius E. migratorius Other Birds
Emydidae Emydidae Reptiles
Esocidae Esocidae Fish
Gastropoda Gastropoda Gastropods
I. punctatus I. punctatus Fish
Ictaluridae Ictaluridae Fish
Indet amphib Indet amphib Amphibians
Indet bird Indet bird Birds
Indet fish Indet fish Fish
Indet mam Indet mam Mammals
L. canadnesis L. canadnesis Aquatic Mammal
Lepisosteus sp. Lepisosteus sp. Fish
Lg bird Lg bird Birds
Lg mam Lg mam Other Large Mammals
M. carinatum M. carinatum Fish
M. duquesnei M. duquesnei Fish
M. duquesnei? M. duquesnei? Fish
M. erythrurum M. erythrurum Fish
M. gallopavo M. gallopavo Other Birds
M. gallopavo? M. gallopavo? Other Birds
M. mephitis M. mephitis Other Medium Mammals
M. monax M. monax Other Medium Mammals
M. salmoides M. salmoides Fish
Med bird Med bird Birds
Med mam Med mam Other Medium Mammals
Med/lg mam Med/lg mam Other Large Mammals
Med/sm mam Med/sm mam Other Medium Mammals
Mergus sp. Mergus sp. Aquatic Birds
Micropterus sp. Micropterus sp. Fish
Microtus sp. Microtus sp. Other Small mammals
Moxostoma sp. Moxostoma sp. Fish
Mustela sp. Mustela sp. Other Medium Mammals
Mustelidae Mustelidae Other Medium Mammals
N. floridanus N. floridanus Other Small mammals
O. virginianus O. virginianus Deer
O. zibethica O. zibethica Aquatic Mammal
Opossum/coon Opossum/coon Other Medium Mammals
P. lotor P. lotor Other Medium Mammals
P. subflavus P. subflavus Other Small mammals
Passerine Passerine Other Birds
Pelecypoda Pelecypoda Bivalves
Peromyscus sp. Peromyscus sp. Other Small mammals
Phasianidae Phasianidae Other Birds
Q. quiscula Q. quiscula Other Birds
R. catesbiana R. catesbiana Amphibians
Rana sp. Rana sp. Amphibians
Ranidae Ranidae Amphibians
S. aquaticus S. aquaticus Other Small mammals
S. aquaticus? S. aquaticus? Other Small mammals
S. carolinensis S. carolinensis Tree Squirrel
S. floridanus S. floridanus Rabbit
S. niger S. niger Tree Squirrel
S. odoratus S. odoratus Aquatic Turtles
Sciurius sp. Sciurius sp. Tree Squirrel
Serpentes Serpentes Reptiles
Sm bird Sm bird Birds
Sm mam Sm mam Other Small mammals
Sm mam/bird Sm mam/bird Vertebrate
Sm/med bird Sm/med bird Birds
Strix varia Strix varia Other Birds
Suidae cf.J1429 Suidae cf.J1429 Other Large Mammals
Sylvilagus sp. Sylvilagus sp. Rabbit
T. carolina T. carolina Terrestrial Turtles
T. cupido T. cupido Other Birds
T. cupido cf. T. cupido T. cupido cf. T. cupido Other Birds
Testudines Testudines Other Turtle
Unident Unident Vertebrate
V. vulpes V. vulpes Other Medium Mammals
V. vulpes cf. V. vulpes cf. Other Medium Mammals
Vespertilionid Vespertilionid Other Small mammals
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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