Coding sheet for Portion3 (Modoc Rock Shelter, IL (11R5)-1980 Fauna dataset-West Shelter 1/4 inch waterscreen)


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for portion3 - VARCHAR 77551 column from Modoc Rock Shelter, IL (11R5)-1980 Fauna dataset-West Shelter 1/4 inch waterscreen dataset (394370) on 6/2/16 1:50 PM

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Coding sheet for Portion3 (Modoc Rock Shelter, IL (11R5)-1980 Fauna dataset-West Shelter 1/4 inch waterscreen). 2016 ( tDAR id: 405806) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8VH5QNR

Ontology: Fauna Proximal-Distal/Portion Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Portion/Proximal/Distal

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
AN1 AN1 Not Applicable
AN2 AN2 Not Applicable
AN3 AN3 Not Applicable
AN4 AN4 Not Applicable
D11 D11 Distal
DI1 DI1 Distal
DI2 DI2 Distal end & shaft {broken}
DI3 DI3 Distal end & shaft {broken}
DI4 DI4 Distal end & shaft {broken}
DO1 DO1 Not Applicable
DO2 DO2 Not Applicable
DO3 DO3 Not Applicable
DO4 DO4 Not Applicable
DS2 DS2 Distal end & shaft {broken}
LA1 LA1 Not Applicable
LA2 LA2 Not Applicable
LA3 LA3 Not Applicable
ME1 ME1 Not Applicable
MI MI Not Applicable
MI1 MI1 Not Applicable
MI2 MI2 Not Applicable
MI3 MI3 Not Applicable
MI4 MI4 Not Applicable
PO1 PO1 Not Applicable
PO2 PO2 Not Applicable
PO3 PO3 Not Applicable
PX1 PX1 Proximal
PX2 PX2 Proximal end & shaft {broken}
PX3 PX3 Proximal end & shaft {broken}
PX4 PX4 Proximal end & shaft {broken}
SH SH Shaft both ends broken
SH1 SH1 Shaft both ends broken
SH2 SH2 Shaft both ends broken
SH3 SH3 Shaft both ends broken
SH4 SH4 Shaft both ends broken
VE VE Not Applicable
VE1 VE1 Not Applicable
VE2 VE2 Not Applicable
VE3 VE3 Not Applicable
WH WH Complete
WH1 WH1 Not Applicable
WH2 WH2 Not Applicable
WH3 WH3 Complete
WH4 WH4 Complete
eo eo unfused epiphysis Not Recorded
eo DI1 eo DI1 unfused distal epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
eo PX2 eo PX2 Proximal epiphysis only
eo di2 eo di2 Distal epiphysis only
sh1 sh1 Shaft both ends broken
sh2 sh2 Shaft both ends broken
sh3 sh3 Shaft both ends broken
so DI1 so DI1 unfused distal shaft Distal shaft minus distal epiphysis {unfused}
so PX1 so PX1 unfused proximal shaft Proximal shaft minus proximal epiphysis {unfused}
so SH2 so SH2 unfused shaft, end unknown Shaft
so WH4 so WH4 shaft with both ends unfused and epiphyses missing Shaft both unfused epiphysis missing
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
NULL Not Recorded

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