Coding sheet for Resource Type (Bear Creek (20SA1043), MI Late Archaic)

Part of the Bear Creek Site, MI (20SA1043) project

Year: 2016


This coding sheet was generated by tDAR for resource_type - VARCHAR 85551 column from Bear Creek (20SA1043), MI Late Archaic dataset (399601) on 6/19/16 6:33 AM

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Coding sheet for Resource Type (Bear Creek (20SA1043), MI Late Archaic). 2016 ( tDAR id: 406002) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8C82C54

Ontology: Eastern Archaic Resource type ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Taxon

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
Amnicola integra Amnicola integra Aquatic Gastropods
Anas cf. discors Anas cf. discors Aquatic Birds
Anatidae sp. Small Anatidae sp. Small Aquatic Birds
Anguispira alternata Anguispira alternata Terrestrial Gastropods
Aplodinotus grunniens Aplodinotus grunniens Fish
Aves sp. Aves sp. Birds
Aves sp. Medium Aves sp. Medium Birds
Aves sp. Small Aves sp. Small Birds
Aves sp. Small-med. Aves sp. Small-med. Birds
Aves sp. medium Aves sp. medium Birds
Aves sp. small Aves sp. small Birds
Aves sp. small-med. Aves sp. small-med. Birds
Bonasa umbellus Bonasa umbellus Other Birds
Campeloma decisum Campeloma decisum Aquatic Gastropods
Canis cf. familiaris Canis cf. familiaris Other Medium Mammals
Carnivora sp. Med. Carnivora sp. Med. Other Medium Mammals
Castor canadensis Castor canadensis Aquatic Mammal
Catinella vermata Catinella vermata Terrestrial Gastropods
Centrarchidae sp. Centrarchidae sp. Fish
Cervidae sp. Cervidae sp. Deer
Cervus elephus Cervus elephus Other Ungulates
Cervus elephus cf. Cervus elephus cf. Other Ungulates
Chelonia sp. Chelonia sp. Aquatic Turtles
Chelydra serpentina Chelydra serpentina Aquatic Turtles
Chrysemys picta Chrysemys picta Aquatic Turtles
Chrysemys picta cf. Chrysemys picta cf. Aquatic Turtles
Class sp. Class sp. Unknown
Elaphe vulpina Elaphe vulpina Reptiles
Gastropoda sp. Gastropoda sp. Gastropods
Goniobasis livescens Goniobasis livescens Aquatic Gastropods
Gyraulus parvus Gyraulus parvus Aquatic Gastropods
Gyraulus sp. Gyraulus sp. Bivalves
Hawaiia miniscula Hawaiia miniscula Terrestrial Gastropods
Helisoma sp. Helisoma sp. Aquatic Gastropods
Ictaluridae sp. Ictaluridae sp. Fish
Invertebrata sp. Invertebrata sp. Invertebrate
Lymnea palustris Lymnea palustris Aquatic Gastropods
Mammal sp Med.+ Mammal sp Med.+ Mammals
Mammal sp. Mammal sp. Mammals
Mammal sp. Large Mammal sp. Large Other Large Mammals
Mammal sp. Med+ Mammal sp. Med+ Mammals
Mammal sp. Med. + Mammal sp. Med. + Mammals
Mammal sp. Med.+ Mammal sp. Med.+ Mammals
Mammal sp. Medium Mammal sp. Medium Other Medium Mammals
Mammal sp. Small Mammal sp. Small Other Small mammals
Mammal sp. Small-med Mammal sp. Small-med Other Medium Mammals
Mammal sp. Small-med. Mammal sp. Small-med. Other Medium Mammals
Mammal sp. large Mammal sp. large Other Large Mammals
Mammal sp. small Mammal sp. small Other Small mammals
Marmota monax cf. Marmota monax cf. Other Medium Mammals
Micropterus sp. Micropterus sp. Fish
Odocoileus virginianus Odocoileus virginianus Deer
Odocoileus virginianus cf. Odocoileus virginianus cf. Deer
Ondata zibethicus Ondata zibethicus Aquatic Mammal
Ondatra zibethicus Ondatra zibethicus Aquatic Mammal
Ondatra zibethicus cf. Ondatra zibethicus cf. Aquatic Mammal
Ondrata zibethicus Ondrata zibethicus Aquatic Mammal
Osteichthyes sp. Osteichthyes sp. Fish
Pelecypoda sp. Pelecypoda sp. Bivalves
Percidae sp. Percidae sp. Fish
Physa heterostropha Physa heterostropha Aquatic Gastropods
Planorbula armigera Planorbula armigera Aquatic Gastropods
Pomatiopsis lapidaria Pomatiopsis lapidaria Fish
Procyon lotor Procyon lotor Other Medium Mammals
Retinella rhoadsi Retinella rhoadsi Terrestrial Gastropods
Rodentia sp. Large Rodentia sp. Large Other Medium Mammals
Sphaerium sp. Sphaerium sp. Bivalves
Sternotherus odoratus Sternotherus odoratus Aquatic Turtles
Sternotherus oduratus Sternotherus oduratus Aquatic Turtles
Stizostedian sp. Stizostedian sp. Fish
Trionyx spinifer Trionyx spinifer Aquatic Turtles
Ursus americanus Ursus americanus Other Large Mammals
Valvata sp. Valvata sp. Aquatic Gastropods
Valvata tricarinata Valvata tricarinata Aquatic Gastropods
mammal sp. mammal sp. Mammals
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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