EMVPP Ceramic Type Coding Sheet

Creator(s): Keith Kintigh

Year: 2016


Ceramic vessel form coding key for the El Morro Valley Prehistory Project (EMVPP) survey and excavations.

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EMVPP Ceramic Type Coding Sheet. Keith Kintigh. 2016 ( tDAR id: 426801) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8TT4SXR

Ontology: CPP Ceramic Type Ontology

Category: Ceramic

Subcategory: Type

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1 La Plata B/W La Plata B/W
2 White Mound B/W White Mound B/W
3 Kiatuthlanna B/W Kiatuthlanna B/W
4 Red Mesa B/W Red Mesa B/W
5 Gallup B/W Gallup B/W
6 Escavada B/W Escavada B/W
7 Puerco B/W Puerco B/W
8 Reserve B/W Reserve B/W
9 Tularosa B/W Tularosa B/W
10 Pinedale B/W Pinedale B/W
11 Unid B/W Unid B/W
15 Plain White Plain White
17 Late Br/W Late Br/W
18 Late R/Bu Unnamed R/Buff
20 Puerco B/R Puerco B/R
21 Wingate B/R Wingate B/R
22 Wingate Poly Wingate Poly
23 St. Johns B/R St. Johns B/R
24 St. Johns B/R Mat St. Johns B/R Matte
25 St. Johns B/R Sub St. Johns B/R Subglaze
26 St. Johns B/R Gl St. Johns B/R Glaze
27 St. Johns Poly St. Johns Poly
28 St. Johns Poly Mat St. Johns Poly Matte
29 St. Johns Poly Sub St. Johns Poly Subglaze
30 St. Johns Poly Gl St. Johns Poly Glaze
31 Springerville B/R Springerville B/R
32 Heshotauthla Heshotauthla
33 Heshotauthla Sub Heshotauthla Subglaze
34 Heshotauthla Gl Heshotauthla Glaze
35 Kwakina Poly Kwakina Poly
36 Pinedale B/R Pinedale B/R
37 Pinedale Poly Pinedale Poly
38 Fourmile Poly Fourmile Poly
39 Pinto Poly Pinto Poly
40 Gila Poly Gila Poly
41 Tonto Poly Tonto Poly
42 Unid WMR Unid WMR
43 Unid WMR hatched Unid WMR hatched
44 Unid WMR other painted Unid WMR other painted
45 Unid WMR plain Unid WMR plain red
46 Unid Redware Unid Redware
47 Pinnawa G/W Pinnawa G/W
48 Pinnawa R/W Pinnawa R/W
49 Kechipawan Poly Kechipawan Poly
50 Plain Gl White Plain Glazeware White
51 Matsaki Br/Bu Matsaki Br/Buff
52 Matsaki Poly Matsaki Poly
53 Plain Buff Plain Buff
54 Hopi Buffware Hopi Yellowware
55 Hawikuh Gl/R Hawikuh Gl/R
56 Hawikuh Poly Hawikuh Poly
57 Zuni Poly Zuni Poly
58 Historic Pl Red Historic Pl Red
59 Plain Rough Buff Plain Rough Buff
60 Blackware Blackware
61 Lino Gray Lino Gray
62 Neck Banded Gray Neckbanded Gray
63 Plain Corr Gray Plain Corr Gray
64 Clap Corr Gray Clapboard Corr Gray
65 Ind. Corr Gray-Gray Ind Corr Gray-Gray
66 Ind. Corr Gray-Buff Ind Corr Gray-Buff
67 Ind. Corr Gray-Orange Ind Corr Gray-Orange
68 Plain Gray Plain Gray
69 Oblit Corr Gray Obliterated Corr Gray
74 Plain Brown Plain Brown Unsmudged
75 Plain Brown Smudged Plain Brown Smudged
77 Alma Neckbanded Alma Neckbanded
78 3 Circle Neck Corr 3 Circle Neck Corr
79 Oblit Corr Brown Obliterated Corr Gray
80 Plain Corr Brown Plain Corr Brown
81 Plain Corr Brown Sm Plain Corr Brown Smudged
82 Incised Corr Brown Incised Corr Brown
83 Incised Corr Brn Sm Incised Corr Brown
84 Plain Corr Fillet Rim Plain Corr Fillet Rim
85 Ind. Corr Brown Ind Corr Brown
86 Ind. Corr Brown Sm Ind Corr Brown Smudged
87 Ind. Patt Corr Brown Ind Patt Corr Brown
88 Ind. Patt Corr Brn Sm Ind Patt Corr Brown Smudged
89 Ind. Zone Corr Brown Ind Zone Corr Brown
90 Ind. Zone Corr Brn Sm Ind Zone Corr Brown Smudged
91 Ind. Corr Fillet Rim Ind Corr Fillet Rim
92 San Francisco Red San Francisco Red
93 Mogollon R/Br Mogollon R/Br
94 Mimbres Style I-III, Mimbres Style I-III B/W or Poly
96 Rio Grande Glaze Rio Grande Glazeware
97 1/2 in. Screen Screened Pieces
98 Other Type (Identified) Other Type
99 Unid Ware Unid Ware
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
MISSING Unid-Other
NULL Unid-Other

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Contact(s): Keith Kintigh


General Note: Similar to RCAP ceramic type coding sheet, but collapses Mimbres types and adds Rio Grande Glaze.

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