Element coding sheet for Crow Canyon Archaeological Center fauna through 2008

Creator(s): Jonathan Driver

Year: 2001


Coding sheet used by Jonathan Driver and graduate students for coding fauna from Crow Canyon Archaeological Center projects through 2008.

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Element coding sheet for Crow Canyon Archaeological Center fauna through 2008. Jonathan Driver. 2001 ( tDAR id: 6143) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8VH5MTW

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Ontology: Fauna Element Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Element

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1P proximal phalanx (first phalanx) 1st Phalanx
2P medial phalanx (second phalanx) 2nd Phalanx
3P terminal phalanx (third phalanx) 3rd Phalanx
AN antler Antler
AR articular Articular
AS astragalus Astragalus
AT atlas Atlas
AX axis Axis
BA baculum Baculum
BO basioccipital Basiooccipital
BP basipterigium Basipterygium
BR barnchiostegal Branchiostegal
BS basisphenoid Sphenoid
BU bulla Bulla
CA calcaneus Calcaneus
CC carapace Carapace
CE cervical Cervical Vertebra
CH ceratohyal Hyoid
CL clavicle Clavicle
CO coracoid Coracoid
CP carpal Carpal
CR cranial Skull
CT cleithrum Cleithrum
DE dermethmoid Ethmoid
DT dentary Dentary
EC scale Scale
EG egg shell Eggshell
EP ectopterygoid Ectopterygoid
FA facial Frontal or Parietal
FE femur Femur
FI fibula Fibula
FR frontal Frontal
FU furculum Furculum
HC horn core Horncore
HM hyomandibular Hyomandibular
HU humerus Humerus
HY hyoid Hyoid
IN innominate Innominate
IO interopercular Interopercular
KD deciduous canine Deciduous Canine
KN unknown canine Canine
KP permanent canine Canine
LA lacrimal Lacrimal
LU lumbar Lumbar Vertebra
MC metacarpus Metacarpal
ME metapterygoid Metapterygoid
ML lateral metacarpus (ungulates) Peripheral Metacarpal
MN mandible Mandible
MP metapodial Metapodial
MT metatarsus Metatarsal
MV lateral metatarsus Peripheral Metatarsal
MX maxilla Maxilla
NS nasal Nasal
OC occipital condyle Occipital Condyle
OO ossified costal cartilage Costal Cartilage
OP operculum Opercular
OT ossified tendon Ossified Tendon
OX occipital Occipital
P1 proximal phalanx 1st Phalanx
P2 second phalanx 2nd Phalanx
P3 third phalanx 3rd Phalanx
P4 terminal phalanx 3rd Phalanx
PA patella Patella
PC preopercular Preopercular
PD parasphenoid Parasphenoid
PE petrosa Petrous
PG pharyngeal plates Pharyngeal Bone
PH any foot phalanx Phalanx
PL plastron Plastron
PM premaxilla Premaxilla
PO paroccipital Occipital
PR parietal Parietal
PS presphenoid Parasphenoid
PT pterygiophores Fin Ray
PY pygostyle Pygostyle
QU quadrate Quadrate
RA radius Radius
RI rib Rib
RU radius/ulna Radius or Ulna
SA sacral Sacrum
SB suboperculum Subopercular
SC scapula Scapula
SE sesamoid Sesamoid
SH shell (indeterminate turtle shell) Carapace or Plastron
SO supraoccipital Supraoccipital
SP sphenoid Sphenoid
SQ squamosal Squamosal
SR sternal rib Rib
SS synsacrum Synsacrum
ST sternum Sternum
SU supraethmoid Ethmoid
T unknown tooth fragment Tooth
TA other tarsals Tarsal
TE temporal Temporal
TF tibia/fibula Tibia or Fibula
TH thoracic Thoracic Vertebra
TI tibia Tibia
TN Unknown tooth, unknown age Tooth
TP permanent tooth Tooth
TR tracheal ring Tracheal Cartilage
UL ulna Ulna
UN unidentified Unidentified Element
UR caudal Caudal Vertebra
US urostyle Urostyle
VE vertebra Vertebra
VO vomer Vomer
WC wing, complete Wing Phalanges
WP any wing phalanx Wing Phalanges
XD deciduous premolar Deciduous Premolar
XN unknown premolar Premolar
XP permanent premolar Premolar
YD deciduous incisor Deciduous Incisor
YN unknown incisor Incisor
YP permanent incisor Incisor
Z molar Molar
ZG zygomatic Zygomatic
ZN molar, age unknown Molar
ZP permanent molar Molar
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet

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