Archaeological Survey, Ranges 8 & 9 Latrine Facilities, Fort A.P. Hill (AP2012.001)

Part of: Fort A.P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia

The Fort A.P. Hill Cultural Resource Manager, under the Environmental Division of the Directorate of Public Works within Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, has completed Phase I archaeological survey in association with the proposed development of latrine facilities at Ranges 8 and 9 at Fort A.P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia. The proposed undertaking will include the construction of an approximately 27-square-meter (290-square-foot) latrine building and associated parking lots near North Range Road, as well as the placement of required underground utilities (e.g., water and sewer). The area of potential effect for the undertaking consists of the foot print of the building, parking lots, and underground utilities. The Survey Area for the project measures approximately 1.8 hectares (4.5 acres) in size and includes the APE and additional areas in the immediate vicinity that not previously been surveyed for cultural resources and which may be developed in the future.

The objective of the archaeological survey was to identify any historic properties that may be located within the Survey Area and evaluate the potential eligibility of any such resources for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. No artifacts, archaeological sites, intact cultural features, or intact cultural deposits were identified in the Survey Area during the survey.

This collection contains the Archaeological Survey, Ranges 8 & 9 Latrine Facilities, Fort A.P. Hill (2012.001) project, which includes the report from the survey.

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