Hertford County, NC

Part of: North Carolina Office of State Archaeology Collection

This collection contains reports and documents produced by archaeological investigations conducted in Hertford County, North Carolina. Original documents are held by the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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  • Addendum To the 1980 Murfreesboro Sewage Treatment Facility Report (1983)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text H. Trawick Ward.

    On March 10, 1983, I re-visited the proposed Murfreesboro wastewater treatment facilities site. The purpose of this trip was to assess an archaeological site (RLA Ht78) that had been found in the field immediately north of the original project boundary defined in 1980. The field was planted in young spring wheat, and following the recent rains, surface collecting conditions were excellent. After locating the site area, my first goal was to establish its dimensions. This was accomplished by...

  • Archaeological / Historical Reconnaissance of a Proposed Land Application Wastewater Treatment Expansion Project for the Town of Ahoskie, North Carolina (1983)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Institution Czr.

    On the 29, 30, and 31 of January and l, 2, and 3 of February 1983, CZR, Incorporated, conducted an archaeological survey of a 485-acre site to be used for land application of treated waste water from the town of Ahoskie, North Carolina. The purpose of the survey was to assess cultural resources occurring on the site which may be impacted by the proposed expansion An estimated 85 percent of the project area was actually examined during the survey. The survey methodology consisted of...