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The 'old' Crosscut Canal was built by pioneers in 1888 to bring irrigation water from the Arizona Canal to the Grand Canal. It was sold to the federal government in 1906 for $15,730. Portions of the canal have been turned over to the city of Phoenix to carry away storm drainage from northeast Phoenix.

The old Crosscut Canal now takes storm water to the Salt River bed under the Grand Canal. It also can carry water from the Arizona Canal to the Grand Canal.

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  • The Old Crosscut Canal Archaeological Inventory Project of Eastern Phoenix and Central Maricopa County, Arizona (1994)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text James B. Rodgers.

    Scientific Archeological Services has just completed an archeological inventory of a small parcel situated immediately east of the Old Crosscut Canal in eastern Phoenix, Arizona. This parcel is to be impacted by the construction of two main surface channel features of the Old Crosscut Canal Project. This overall drainage project is to be a joint venture of the Flood Control District of Maricopa County and the city of Phoenix itself, and its development will involve certain reconstruction of the...