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EMAP - Photographs

Part of: Eastern Mimbres Archaeological Project (EMAP)

The Eastern Mimbres Archaeological Project (EMAP), co-directed by Drs. Margaret Nelson and Michelle Hegmon began in 1990, building upon earlier work by Nelson. EMAP focuses on the later (post-AD 1000) prehistory of the eastern Mimbres area, a portion of the Mimbres region in southwest New Mexico. In 1982 Nelson was at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and in the early 1990s at the State University of New York, Buffalo, and Hegmon was at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces. In 1995 both moved to Arizona State University, where they and the project reside today. Earlier work by EMAP focused on the post-AD 1150 period, specifically what is now called the Reorganization phase [1150-early 1200s] of the Postclassic period. After 1998 the project focused on the Classic period (AD 1000-1130). Key research issues include the social and ecological dynamics of reorganization, residential mobility among farmers, environmental impact and sustainable farming practices, pottery production and exchange, and community organization.

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Anderson (LA37690) - Photographs

EMAP Avilas Canyon (LA44997, LA45000) - Photographs

EMAP Buckaroo (LA70259) - Photographs

EMAP Flying Fish (LA37767) - Photographs

EMAP Juniper Village (LA37781) – Photographs

EMAP Las Animas (LA 3949) – Photographs

EMAP Lee (LA70258) - Photographs

EMAP Lizard Terrace Pueblo (LA37726_LA37727) - Photographs

EMAP Lower Palomas 85NM601 - Photographs

EMAP Mtn Lion Hamlet (LA37728) - Photographs

EMAP Pague Well (LA130191) - Photographs

EMAP Phelps (LA37691) - Photographs

EMAP Ronnie (LA45103) - Photographs

EMAP SJ Hamlet (LA45028) - Photographs

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