A Cultural Resource Overview for the Amargosa - Mojave Basin Planning Units


This overview is an attempt to pull together existing cultural resource data and to evaluate those resources of the Amargosa-Mojave Basin planning units. It is our goal to provide an evaluation and a description of the data that may be used as a basis for educated management of the cultural resources. These are divided into archaeological, ethnographic and historic resources with a section of the report devoted to each. The archaeological section includes only the aboriginal data. The exclusion of historic material from the archaeological remains reflects the present status of the development of historical archaeology in the Mojave Desert in general, and in the Amargosa-Mojave Basin planning units in particular. Archaeological investigation of historic sites is in an embryonic stage of development. Few historic European sites have been excavated in the Mojave Desert and none in the Amargosa-Mojave Basin planning units. European sites are plentiful and varied, however, the lack of archaeological investigations of these sites necessitate an evaluation based on the historical documentation. Therefore, they have been omitted from the archaeological section.

The cultural resources have been evaluated in terms of chronological sequences projected against the environmental conditions of the Mojave Desert. This approach is carried over into the ethnographic and historic presentations as well, and represents an integrative element of the evaluations. In the ethnographic section adaptation to the desert conditions is emphasized in the discussion of subsistence, social organization and other aspects of culture discussed. The Historical section also takes into consideration the European uses of and adaptation to the Mojave Desert environment. On the basis of this analysis it becomes possible to define broad environmental areas of the desert that are utilized and or adapted to in the varying ways by past populations. The identification of the diverse environmental areas and variations in adaptation and use should form a basis for assessing significance of cultural resources.

This publication combines three reports on cultural resources of the Amargosa-Mojave basin. The individual reports are:

The Archaeology and Archaeological resources of the Amargosa-Mojave Basin Planning Units.

Ethnographic Overview of the Amargosa-Mojave Basin Planning Units.

History of the Amargosa-Mojave Basin Planning Units.

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A Cultural Resource Overview for the Amargosa - Mojave Basin Planning Units. Claude N. Warren, Martha Knack, Elizabeth von Till Warren, Eric W. Ritter. Riverside, CA: Bureau of Land Management. 1980 ( tDAR id: 183170) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8K64K0S

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06027 (Fips Code) 06071 (Fips Code) Amargosa Desert Avawatz Mountains Avawatz Pass 15' quad Bristol Mountains Broadwell Lake Cady Mountains California (State / Territory) Cronese Lakes Inyo (County) Ivanpah Lake Ivanpah Valley Kingston Mountain Range Lake Mojave Mescal Valley Mesquite Lake Mesquite Valley Mojave Desert Mojave River North America (Continent) Owl Lake Owlshead Mountains Quail Mountains San Bernardino (County) Silurian Lake Silver Lake Soda Lake Soda Mountains United States of America (Country) Show More

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Gypsum Period Historic Kawaissu Lake Mojave Period Pinto Period Saratoga springs Period Shoshonean Period

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Calendar Date: -8000 to 1650 (Period dates)

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min long: -116.966; min lat: 34.613 ; max long: -115.567; max lat: 36.597 ;

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Sponsor(s): Bureau of Land Management

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General Note: Knack, Martha

General Note: Von Till Warren, Elizabeth

General Note: Warren, Claude N.

General Note: Contract No. YA-512-CT7-225

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