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Digital Antiquity is a collaborative non-profit organization devoted to enhancing preservation of and access to irreplaceable archaeological records and data. Digital Antiquity supports archaeological research, resource management, education, and public outreach by providing new and innovative ways of finding, managing, preserving, and using archaeological information. Archaeologists, computer scientists, and information management experts have created Digital Antiquity with two basic goals. One is to improve substantially the ease of accessing and using archaeological information. The other, equally important, is to provide for the long-term preservation of the irreplaceable records of archaeological investigations.

Alternate Names: Digital Antquity , Digital Antiquity , Center for Digital Antiquity , The Center for Digital Antiquity , Center for Digital Antiquity, Arizona State University , Center for Digital Archaeology , The Center for Digital Antiquity , Center for Digital Antiquity (with approval of Victor Thompson)

Institution Members

  • Michael Ashley
  • Kirsten Clary
  • Leigh Anne Ellison
  • Leigh Anne Ellison
  • Jodi Flores
  • Alaina Harmon
  • Sarah Klassen
  • Francis McManamon
  • Jodi Reeves Flores
  • M. Scott Thompson
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  • adam brin
  • Jim deVos

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