Finding Aid, Salamonie Reservoir Survey 1982

Part of the Salamonie Reservoir Survey 1982 project

Author(s): Steve Wahle

Year: 2012


This collection is referred to as "Salamonie Reservoir Survey 1982.” This name is consistent throughout the finding aid, the file folders, and the box labels. The extent of this collection is one (1) linear inch.

This archival collection consisted of one final report and a small number of field records. There were no records or personal information that needed to be removed from the collection. This collected work contained no oversized documents, photographic materials, audiovisual materials, or electronic materials that needed special curation.

Three artifact card forms were found in the artifact collection associated with this project. Artifact box two of nine (i.e., 2/9) contained one card that correlates to Artifact IDs 002-098 and 002-099. This card indicated the pieces were “refitted flakes.” Artifact box nine of nine (i.e., 9/9) contained two cards with sketches on the reverse, which correlate to Artifact IDs 009-006 and 009-007. These documents were cleaned, mended, and digitized. A Field Series folder was created to house these cards.

The final report, “An Archaeological Survey of the Salamonie Reservoir,” is contained in a Report Series folder. This series was cleaned, mended, and digitized.

An odd finding in this document is that some site numbers are faintly handwritten under printed site numbers throughout the report. Examples can be seen on pages 92, 93,113, and 114. The presence of these numbers is not explained. Also, a hand written note on page 157 states, “site no. changed to (with arrow) not (with arrow);” the meaning of which is unclear because margins were cut off in the original scanning and/or copying of the document.

Some irregularities regarding the organization were found in this report. It is hard to know if information is missing or if the pages are out of order. First, there is a problem with pages being properly numbered, which may cause confusion. The table of contents conveys that Appendix 1 begins on page141. However, pages 140, 141, and 142 are all missing, though there is an unnumbered page indicating the beginning of Appendix 1 that does immediately precede page143. In addition, the report jumps from page 11 to page 13, after which the report seems to continue logically.

There are also problems with the numbering of the pages. This problem may be due to page numbers being cut off during copying, improper numbering, and lost or forgotten pages. For example, the last numbered page in the report is 222. There are 143 pages that follow page 222.

Additionally, four pages were found at the end of the report that were obviously out of place. Artifact distribution and site descriptions were found in back of the folder; single-sided copies were made of these pages. Three of the pages are in the same format as the pages found in Appendix 2. These three pages are not duplicates of any pages in Appendix 2. One of these pages is numbered 184 and is similar to the format of the pages of Appendix 3. This page was copied and added between pages 185 and 186 because page 182 immediately precedes page 185.

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General Note: The digital materials in this collection were processed by the Veterans Curation Program (VCP), and include the artifact database, artifact report, finding aid, scanned asset key, and select artifact photographs. Additional digital materials held by the VCP include additional artifact photographs, box labels, document folder listing, initial data sheets, and notes. For additional information on these materials, refer to the Finding Aid.

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