Excavations on Black Mesa, 1981: A Descriptive Report


This volume, the eighth of the Black Mesa descriptive excavation reports, presents the results of archaeological field work performed during the 1981 field season. The work was sponsored by Peabody Coal Company, Arizona Division, and took place in the Peabody Coal Company Black Mesa leasehold on northern Black Mesa, Arizona. The volume is organized to provide information in four general categories: legal compliance, synthesis of research, description of field work, and presentation of data. The compliance aspect deals with the portions of the leasehold affected by the 1981 archaeological field season providing descriptions of the areas and associated cultural resources, as well as of the excavation and survey methods employed. The research aspect covers three general topics. The first of these concerns the evolution of research questions, the pursuit of associated methodological concerns, and an overview of our current understanding of the prehistoric occupation of Black Mesa. The second involves ongoing ethnoarchaeological research, and the third summarizes the geomorphological and soils research associated with the archaeological investigations. Finally, the volume provides a variety of kinds of data from the 1981 field and laboratory effort. Twenty-one excavated prehistoric sites are described and illustrated along with two rock art locations and two historic sites. Laboratory results are divided into several areas of specialty, presenting summary data on the ethnobotanical, geological, osteological and faunal analyses, and on the analysis of various categories of artifactual materials.

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Excavations on Black Mesa, 1981: A Descriptive Report. F. E. Smiley, Deborah L. Nichols, Peter P. Andrews. 1983 ( tDAR id: 427910) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8427910

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Agricultural or Herding Archaeological Feature Burial Pit Corral Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Hearth Hogan Kiva / Great Kiva Non-Domestic Structures Petroglyph Pictograph Pit Post Hole / Post Mold Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno Rock Art Rock Pile Room Block / Compound / Pueblo Rubble Mound Shade Structure / Ramada Storage Pit Sweat House / Sweat Lodge Wattle & Daub (Jacal) Structure Windbreak

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min long: -110.48; min lat: 36.381 ; max long: -110.128; max lat: 36.633 ;

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Contact(s): Salt River Project Cultural Resource Manager

Contributor(s): Dana Anderson; Lisa M. Anderson; C. Michael Barton; Susan E. Bearden; Janet E. Belser; Belinda Blomberg; Bruce D. Boeke; Todd Bostwick; David W. Cushman; Byron M. Estes; Richard I. Ford; Jean French; Joyce Gerber; Steven Gumerman; Brian D. Haley; Kelley Hays; Gretchen Hazen; Diane Hirsch; David Jessup; Jon Joha; Erik T. Karlstrom; Margaret MacMinn; Debra L. Martin; Raymond Mauldin; Laura K. Michalik; Jo Ellen Miles; Gerald K. Landreth; Cathy J. Lebo; Deborah L. Nichols; Deborah I. Olszewski; Carol Piacentini; Pamela K. Reed; Thomas R. Rocek; Ann E. Rynda; Clifton W. Sink; Tristine Smart; F. E. Smiley; Janet Stock; Margaret Trachte; Elizabeth S. Word

Translator(s): Peter P. Andrews

Principal Investigator(s): George J. Gumerman

Project Director(s): Shirley Powell

Sponsor(s): Peabody Coal Company

Prepared By(s): Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University

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Library of Congress No.(s): 82-72189

Research Paper No.(s): 36

Hopi Tribal Resolution No.(s): H-52-75

Antiquities Act Permit No.(s): 80-AZ-058; 81-AZ-141

Navajo Tribal Permit No.(s): 81-1

SRP Library Barcode No.(s): 00030540

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